Friday, March 20, 2009

Best Article Of The Week?

Some Articles Just State Facts, Some Give Perspective...

Does America Face the Risk of a Fascist Backlash?

by Rick Freeman via

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A “Below The Fold” Bonus Article...

A Government of Men, Not Laws

by David Sirota via

United Steelworkers President Leo Gerard likes to say that Washington policymakers “treat the people who take a shower after work much differently than they treat the people who shower before they go to work.”  In the 21st century Gilded Age, the blue-collar shower-after-work crowd is given the tough, while the white-collar shower-before-work gang gets the love, and never before this week was that doctrine made so clear.

Following news that government-owned American International Group (AIG) devoted $165 million of its $170 billion taxpayer bailout to employee bonuses, the White House insisted nothing could be done to halt the robbery.  On ABC’s Sunday chat show “This Week,” Obama adviser Larry Summers couched his passive-aggressive defense of AIG’s thieves in the saccharine argot of jurisprudence.  “We are a country of law—there are contracts (and) the government cannot just abrogate contracts,” he said.

The rhetoric echoed John Adams’ two-century-old fairy tale about an impartial “government of laws, and not of men.”  Only now, the reassuring platitudes can’t hide the uncomfortable truth.

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