Thursday, June 18, 2009

RE: Reality...

Ah Reality...  Denial Of It Is Dangerous, And Ignoring It Is Worse.
Because The Continuation Of The Allowing Should Be Stopped.

The American Empire Is Bankrupt ...what will come will be very... painful.
Could Food Shortages Bring Down Civilization?
  (Scientific American)
Health Care Lobbyists Are Winning the Battle to Screw Us All.
Obama and Transparency:  Judge for Yourself...
  (Updates Included)
Health Insurers Refuse to Limit Rescission of Coverage.
All But 32 House Dems Back Bad Wars, Big Banks.
Obama a Very Smooth Liar

by Bruce Plante

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A “Below The Fold” Bonus Article...

“Obama's Money Men Finally Get It”

by By Robert Scheer, June 17, 2009, via The Nation Magazine

“Now they tell us.

On Monday, two men with considerable responsibility for enabling the banking meltdown confronted the error of their ways.  Not directly, of course, for accountability is hardly the mark of either Lawrence Summers, the top White House economic adviser, or Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner.

Their careers have long been fueled by error.  Summers was one of the leading prophets of radical financial deregulation in the Clinton administration.  And Geithner, as head of the New York Fed, looked the other way during Wall Street’s collapse and then responded by opening wide the spigot of taxpayer dollars to resuscitate Citigroup and AIG.

What they wrote this week in a joint op-ed article in the Washington Post is a condemnation of the Wall Street shenanigans they once abetted and celebrated. ... ”

[Above title is a direct link to the full article - Well worth the read.]


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