Friday, July 17, 2009


Ahh...  Reality...  Obviously Is Something You Know Little About.
Because Reality, As Defined By The Thieves, Is Your Reality Now.

Goldman Sachs Is A Problem And The Symptom Of A Worse Problem
We Don’t Care.  We Don’t Have To Care.  We’re Goldman Sachs.
Goldman Pays [bribes?] to End State Inquiry Into Loans
A Wall Street Windfall Profits Tax:  Now Or Never?
The Real Price Of Goldman’s Giganto-Profits
Pelosi’s Toothless ‘Commission’
The Joy of Sachs

Shattering the Right vs. Left Prism Once Again:
[Even] The Wall Street Journal Goes After Goldman and the Bank Bailout

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A “Below The Fold” Bonus “Worth Your Time” Political Cartoon...

Rob Rogers


At 7/19/2009 8:26 AM, Anonymous Gary said...

As one can tell from your "Links of Interest" they Left vs. Right Paradigm is definitely not fake.

People who STILL believe that God and Only God should set banking regulations in the FREE MARKET -- and their politicians -- fuck over everyone. Government control over Markets is Satanic.

On the other extreme Right, it's all the g-d d-n Jews.

However I'll agree that the Democrat-Republican Paradigm is broken. Has been for a long time, especially since Reagan/Bush destroyed Unions, preceded by some measures by Carter (i forget which now).

The Democratic Party's paying constituency is no longer workers, it's BANKS.


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