Wednesday, January 06, 2010

I Doubt You Care, But. . .

Just Thought You Should Know What You Are Allowing...
Because Reality, As you Are Allowing It, Is Destroying my Nation, And Planet.

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Not that you'll do anything, other than allow it without punishment - Right?

While you are at it, keep allowing. . .

Fox “News,” the corporate take-over of the nation by the very-very-few corporatist thieves, the ever so profitable wars, the destruction of our, (in-the-way-of-profits and control,) liberties, not by foreign enemies, but by the oh-so-very-few, sneering, corporatist citizens within our own nation...

Also, keep using, and throwing away, as much plastic as possible, don’t ever waste your beautiful minds thinking about recycling, or any other thing that worries those un-American environmental ‘terrorists’ weirdos, consume as much fast food as you can, spend what’s left of your income on things you know you don’t need, to support the ever-so-very-few-profiting, sneering, corporatists of our nation, and whatever you do. . .  Never.  Stop.  Allowing...

And by all means, be good Christian patriots, and fight any and all political efforts to improve our lives, by fighting regulation, by fighting to stop unions, by fighting any reforms they tell you to fight, even if it’s been proven to be scientific fact, that may in any way interfere with their massive and destructive profits, of wealth and control, and the diminishing of your power to control their abuses of your lives, through the profitable, needless, wars... through the environmental destruction that is incredibly profitable-to-the-so-very-few... through economic control of the media... and the very congressional halls of “our” government.

Just keep allowing...  and allowing...  and allowing...  and allowing...  and allowing...  Without any real protests, without a real revolt, without any sign of courage, or fortitude, to stop the apathetic, destructive, ongoing, denied, ignored. . .  Allowing.

Keep consuming - Keep buying - Keep quiet - Keep allowing your own destruction, for nothing more than the simple profits to the so-very-very-few-among us, who sneer at your fears, apathy, ignorance, denial. . .  Allowing.

The rest of the planet does not fear our power, as much as they fear our self-destructive, insane, and undeniable. . .  Allowing.


At 1/06/2010 1:16 PM, Blogger Oberon said...

...i invite you to join globalove think tank.


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