Friday, February 05, 2010

Corporatists Rule You. . .

They Sneeringly Lie, MSM Backs Their Lies, And You Insanely Allow It.
Because The “Allowing” Has Not Been “Allowed” to be Stopped - I Fear That, More Than Them.

Corrupted Corporatist “Elites” Are Destroying The Democracy.
Big Banks Are Parasites You “Allow” To Feed On Our Money.
The Corporatist Borg GOP Revives Privatizing Social Security.
A “Corporatist Connection” That Explains So Much.  (Reprised.)
Who Is Actually Killing Financial Reform?  (Hint: “Corporatists.”)
CIA Agents To Moonlight For Wall St.  (What Could Go Wrong?)
America, Inc. Is Here.  Get With The Program!

by Jim Morin

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A “Below The Fold” Audio (Vermont Public Radio) bonus...  Enjoy...

Interview: Journalist Chris Hedges, Author of “Empire of Illusion”

Journalist, (and a senior fellow at The Nation Institute,) Chris Hedges says we live in two separate Americas.

In his new book, Empire of Illusion, Hedges argues that the country is divided.  On one side is a minority that lives in a literate world, able to discern deception from truth.  On the other is a detached majority, coasting on the distractions of celebrity, spectacle and simplistic thinking.

Vermont native Chris Hedges lives in Princeton, N.J.  He spoke by phone with VPR's Neal Charnoff.


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