Monday, January 25, 2010

I Doubt You Care, But. . .

Just Thought You Should Know What You Have Allowed...
Because You Have Allowed Democracy To Become A Useful, (But Profitable,) Fiction.

→  “Democracy in America Is a Useful Fiction”  ←

[ Do read it, if you have the balls, or ovaries, or whatever... to face what you have allowed.]

by Jim Morin

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We are all guilty for the allowed “ALLOWING,” (yes, *all* of us,) that has caused the loss of a once great Democracy known as The United States of America.

Most still deny it, many see it and refuse it, because to accept it would cause too much guilt and pain, so they continue to allow... and belittle, and help the-so-very-few in the marginalization of those of us who see it and yell about it, to protect their delusion of Democracy...  There is now very little that can be done to save any semblance of control over the corporations that have been allowed to, and now do in fact, control most aspects of all of our lives.

It is now obvious that without an out-right revolt “by the people, of the people, and for the people,” the corporatists/corporations will only continue to gain even more control.  They serve only one single thing. . .  Profits. . .  Profits of wealth and power. . .  Profits to *only* their so-very-few.

And the so-very-few could care less what the detriment is to the rest of the us of the planet.


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