Sunday, April 11, 2010

Enjoy Your Reality. . .

The Decline:  The Geography of a Recession
Updated: March 27, 2010 - Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

The following is via Crooks And Liars:

“Make no mistake, if the Democrats lose big in November, it will be because they failed to recognize the world they live in, the world so clearly and simply revealed by Ms. Egwuekwe's data presentation.  And if they lose big, they will do so in the name of “pragmatism”, “political realism”, “post-partisanship”, “consensus” and the like.  They will lose spectacularly in the name of fighting against “polarization” and “ideological rigidity” and in the name of “mov[ing] beyond the tired debates between right and left,” as President Obama said in announcing the resumption of off-shore oil drilling, “Because this issue is just too important to allow our progress to languish while we fight the same old battles over and over again.”

In short, if they lose big in November, they will do it because they are utterly clueless, utterly indifferent to the suffering of tens of millions of Americans who put their faith in them.  If the Democrats lose big in November, it will be because they totally deserved it for dereliction of duty.”

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Not a lot else to say - Right?

Except that we are all to blame for - “Allowing” - it all in the first place.


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