Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Few More Reality Quotes. . .

Not Much To Add To The Following Quotes - Enjoy . . .

“What WikiLeaks did was brilliant journalism, and the bleating critics from the president on down are revealing just how low a regard they have for the truth.” – Robert Scheer

“... you have the Obama administration essentially defending the cover-up and the lying that took place, primarily, during the Bush years.” – Michael Moore on Larry King Live, July 27th, 2010

“The Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction says the US Department of Defense is unable to account properly for 96% of the money. - Out of just over $9bn (£5.8bn), $8.7bn is unaccounted for, the inspector says.” – Gabriel Gatehouse at the BBC

“The minions of the corporate media seem to be even more upset than the administration over the release of the Wikileaks documents, and I think I know why: They just can’t bear the thought that they are no longer the gatekeepers.” - Susie Madrak, at Crooks And Liars

“Instead of discrediting Andrew Brietbart for being a lying liar that hurts people, CNN's Kyra Phillips thinks the Shirley Sherrod story means we need to attack anonymous bloggers for their indiscretions.  WTF?  If a liberal blogger had released a phony video that targeted a Republican in the same way as Breitbart did, the outrage that would have followed from the media would have been cataclysmic.  But when it’s done by a conservative hitman ... crickets.” - John Amato, also at Crooks And Liars”

Op-Ed toon below; by Jim Morin, Because Sometimes ‘Jest’ Just Really Exposes Reality.

by Jim Morin

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Just curious...  Why the fuck do you keep “allowing”,
(without any fight... nor even any real protests,)
your own, (and the rest of ours,) destructions?!?

Seriously - Why?!?

Is it simply that you lack the courage?

Have we truly become a nation of cowardly allowers?


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