Tuesday, December 21, 2010

You Ignored, You Allowed. . .

Corporatists Do Sneeringly Laugh Their Asses Off At Your Allowing!
Because Your Denial Of Your Allowing... Is Destroying Our Lives, Nation, And Planet.

News Black-Out In DC: Pay No Attention To...  (This can’t be happening)
Beyond The Insanity Of “Free-Speech Zones”  (And you‘re allowing it.)
Net Neutrality Is Officially Dead.  (Another Obama sellout you’ve allowed.)
1 In 3 Working American Families Near Poverty.  (Merry Christmas)
Net Neutrality A ‘Threat To Internet Freedom’  ( WTF?!? )
“Waiting For Superrich-Man”
“The Wail Of The 1%”

by Joel Pett

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The simple complexity of the complex simplicity is beyond most Americans.

The problem with the stupid and ignorant among us is that while they “proudly and patriotically,” allow their own self-destruction by fighting among themselves, as they were programmed to do... is that they are destroying much more than just their environment, their livelihoods, their lives...

They are destroying us all.

Ignorance is curable, stupidity is forever.  Fight the stupid - Educate the ignorant.

Or stupidly pay the price.  Oh, wait... We already are.



At 12/21/2010 7:57 PM, Blogger Kay Dennison said...

My patience with people who don't want to know is tenuous at best and it annoys me greatly -- especially from young people who have lots of time left on the planet. I'm one of those people who thinks we need to hit the streets screaming --it's the only way anyone would pay attention.


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