Sunday, March 11, 2012

Wacky... Wacky I Tell You!

An Excellent, And Needed Perspective of a Sane and Honest Man.
By Glenn Greenwald - March 10, 2012

Dennis Kucinich and “wackiness”

“Forced to name the “craziest” policy favored by American politicians, I’d say the multibillion-dollar war on drugs, which no one thinks is winnable.  Asked about the most “extreme,” I’d cite the invasion of Iraq, a war of choice that has cost many billions of dollars and countless innocent lives. . . .

I hardly expect the news media to denigrate the policies I’ve named, nor do I expect their Republican and Democratic supporters to be labeled crazy, kooky, or extreme.  These disparaging descriptors are never applied to America’s policy establishment, even when it is proved ruinously wrong, whereas politicians who don’t fit the mainstream Democratic or Republican mode. . . . are mocked almost reflexively in these terms, if they are covered at all. . . .

[I]s it not just as extreme that President Obama claims an unchecked power to assassinate, without due process, any American living abroad whom he designates as an enemy combatant?  Or that Joe Lieberman wants to strip Americans of their citizenship not when they are convicted of terrorist activities, but upon their being accused and designated as enemy combatants? . . . [C]razy, kooky, extreme actions are perpetrated by establishment centrists far more often than by [those typically derided in mainstream circles as crazy].”

by Jim Morin

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I hope Mr. Kucinich "never gives up". . .  As we need men of his courage, sanity, and honesty.


At 3/16/2012 4:08 PM, Blogger EditNetwork said...

Have missed your posts ... you find things I rarely encounter, though the POVs are similar. You would love Morris Berman's book, "Why America Failed."


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