Thursday, October 31, 2013

Best Article of the Decade.

Is There a Revolution Coming?
Americans Finally Realize Global Capitalism Is a Murderous Sham
by Chris Hedges - October 30, 2013

“It appears that political ferment is dormant in the United States.  This is incorrect.  The ideas that sustain the corporate state are swiftly losing their efficacy across the political spectrum.  The ideas that are rising to take their place, however, are inchoate.  The right has retreated into Christian fascism and a celebration of the gun culture.  The left, knocked off balance by decades of fierce state repression in the name of anti-communism, is struggling to rebuild and define itself.  Popular revulsion for the ruling elite, however, is nearly universal.  It is a question of which ideas will capture the public’s imagination.

Revolution usually erupts over events that would, in normal circumstances, be considered meaningless or minor acts of injustice by the state.  But once the tinder of revolt has piled up, as it has in the United States, an insignificant spark easily ignites popular rebellion.”

by Clay Bennett

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As always with, this article is a damn good read, and an
excellent perspective of our shared Pax Americana reality.  Have you noticed
how many articles I link from  It's because they do an
excellent job of allowing truth to be authority, rather than like FOX,
where authority is manipulatively displayed as truth.

And at sites like TomDisparch, Commondreams, Democracy Now!, et al, the "Comments"
section is quite often as enlightening as the article itself, sometimes even more so.


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