Friday, September 03, 2004

After the Conventions and the Mudslinging - Polls the Same -

Did You Know The Polls Didn't Change at all?
Even after a month of the mudslinging, and both conventions.

It turns out that all of the media's hoopla about the effects of these events is just twisted spin.
There has been, in reality, no change in the polls in any areas over the last month.
But with 24 hour cable "news" channels having to fill-in that full 24-hours, controlled by corporation's interests that do not coincide with the public's interests at all, (e.g. G.E., Microsoft, Rupert Murdoch's FOX, Viacom, Disney, Comcast, et al,) and the print media trying to "compete" with cable for readership, run by corporations who share many of the same boards of directors members with the cable and network "news" channels, we rarely get the reality.  Now do we?

There are very real reasons I get my news from other places than the American corporate controlled media, the main one being "reality."  Because I really want to know the truth before I vote.  I do watch, listen, and read the American corporate controlled media.  I do not ignore it.
But I do spend real time comparing it with the news and opinion I get from more trusted sources.

What are my trusted sources?  The American independents, and the foreign medias from both allies, and the "not-so-allied," (mainly the BBC, Canadian BC, Al-Jazeera, et al.)  Then I compare, dwell, think, analyze, and then decide the "reality" of it all - myself.  I should give special mention to C-Span - It is the rare "we show - you decide" "news" channel.  Their "positive" is that they do it by showing the happenings - without the "talking heads" - whom try to tell you how to think, as do all of the other American corporate controlled "news" channels.

American Independents: - Between the Lines - Award winning broadcasts since '91 - Center for American Progress
C-Span - Not so independent, but no talking heads, with almost no commercials - Democracy Now! - A part American's largest independent - Both - There are two of them linked there - Independent Media Centers - Worldwide - Independent Media Institute - Worldwide reporting - Largest American independent, for over 50 years - PBS (well sort of independent these days)
P.O.A.C. - the Project for the Old American Century - Soldiers For The Truth, along with - Preserving net/web stuff that tends to disappear - Run by a corporation I trust,

There are others you can find by visiting the sites listed here.  Visit them.
(Also see "Links of Interest" and "Blogs of Interest" in the sidebar on the right.)

We are now just two months from the most important presidential election in this nation's history.
If you have read this far in this small blog - - -

Then you CAN get the reality-truth.  Don't waste this ability.  Please.


At 9/03/2004 12:13 PM, Blogger Sonni AKA Deby said...

The "entertainment" news channels can spin the numbers all they want to try and deceive the public that Bush is ahead - but spin doesn't work at the voting polls - unless, of course, they change the actual data.


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