Thursday, October 07, 2004

Just Incomprehensibly Incredible.

Just Over Three Weeks Until The Election.
by The Old Hippie - For This Blog - Oct. 7, 2004

And, incredibly, half the citizens of this nation still believe, even after all of the exposed evidence to the opposite, that the current administration should have another fours years of access to our Federal Treasury.  Just incomprehensibly incredible. . .

This cartoon is from:  "This Modern World"

How does one, like myself, a long time amateur researcher of all things political, including the environmental, social, and worldwide consequences - How does one like me begin to describe, much less even begin to understand, this incomprehensibly incredible rejection of reality by half
of our nation's citizens?

There have been recent books and documentaries covering many of the aspects of the history, the propaganda, the repeated history, the backgrounds of those involved, authorized and unauthorized, revelations in the domestic and foreign media, striking lies exposed, then covered up by the perpetrators, and by a cowed and co-joined corporate media, directly exposed incompetence and/or direct lies/distortions in the live telecasts of the first two debates, detailed explanations of the purposeful deterioration of the Separation of Church and State by all sides, obvious cutting of funding to social superstructure of our constitution democracy's safety net for the large majority of the middle classes and below, cutting of the funding to the troops themselves, and their families, openly exposed and arrogantly pushed corporate welfare over the needs of the nation itself, warfare for profit no matter what the human or environmental or political costs, destruction of cherished civil liberties by manufactured fear, open corruption of much of the protective regulatory structure of our government by persons put into power and funded by corrupt corporations, one openly exposed person being the Vice-President himself through Halliburton, not to mention the backing and financial support to our President through Enron, just to mention one corrupt corporation he benefited from, and not to mention the direct financial connection between "our" President and Saudi Arabia's royal family, or that 17 of the 19 terrorists that attacked us on 9/11/01 where from that country. . . Or that this President has proven to be more of an insane "born-again-bring-on-the-rapture" Evangelical zealot than a president of the people, just has been shown is "our" top cop Attorney General John Ashcroft.

But yet one-half of all Americans actually contemplate giving them four more years. . .

It's just incomprehensibly incredible. . .


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