Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Just An American Reality. . .

Why The World Laughs At Us, And Also So Fears Us:
by The Old Hippie, Because Born-Again Evangelical Ignorance & Denial Is Dangerous

A New Poll at CBS News - Concerning Americans current "beliefs" concerning Evolution, and the teaching of Evolution vs Creationism.  (Basic tenet of Creationism is that the earth is less than 7,000 years old, and all of its "science" is biblically based.)

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Voter IQ

Link To Source Of The Above Chart Here


At 11/25/2004 5:05 PM, Blogger betsygal said...

Thank you for your recent comment on my blog. I am so thankful that you are reading what I have to say! It has been my experience in dealing with people all over the world that when they resort to calling people "names" that is because they have nothing to substantiate what they have to say, and so they resort to "name-calling" to get it off their back and try to throw it back to the person who does not agree with what they have to say. So I bow to you, and say -- call me anything you wish, it just really does not matter to me at all! Because after your last comment I realize how much you do NOT know.

As well, the point you try to "force" on me with the phrase -- "I (meaning you) find it offensive that YOU (meaning me) do all these things that you "think" -- And because you think something - does not make it so!
When you resort to saying "I find it offensive that "you" -- gives me another hint -- that being you don't know what you are talking about. That you find something offensive does not mean it is indeed wrong for me or anyone to believe it or say it -- It is better to be offended than not to konw something that you just might find out indeed is true. So that you are offended does not make something I say bothersome now does it!

Now you made a lot of general statements - and you cannot possibly know about "born-again" Christianity. There are many religious groups out there - and many do differ in teachings and beliefs. Does that make them all wrong - no! But you said in reference to "Evangelical" "bring on the rapture" "creationism".
#1 I am not an evangelical. #2 I do not believe in a rapture. #3 I did not force creationism on you or anyone. Religion is not something that is "forced" it is a GIFT! God does not force anyone to believe in Him - nor do Christians force their belief on others. So you are not even informed about Christians or Christianity!

Are you also so proud that you hurt people? How said is that! I don't call it an offence when you use your tongue or your letters to purposely hurt people. That is not just an offence - That you find something or someone offensive does not make you the measure of what is right or wrong. And because I differ in theology, in politics, in beliefs, in ideals does not make me wrong or you right!

Why do things bother you so much when people differ from you?

I never said that I wanted to enforce creationism on you. " you say it is being an imbecile to believe in it? I say because you don't believe in it -- that makes you differ in your opinion, but does not make me better. But when it comes down to the day you die - I wonder, will you call on Darwin or will you call on Fraud when you know you are dying ... no! You will call on God or a higher power because in fact that we are made with an innate need for something bigger than us! Say it is not so, don't believe it, yell about it, hate it, pen it is not true, but it remains that it is so... I can see why you say you do not believe in creation, because many times people who do not do have a tendency to act like something they espouse too.

Wow! It sounds like you are the elite and the poor 46% of Americans who do not believe as you do are just nobody. I find that hilarious and once again taken out of context. Why in the world would you want to fight a fellow American or fellow Americans? What is up with that!!! Sounds to me like you have an axe to grind, and you are using your anger to lash out at people who basically will let you take advantage of their good nature.

So in closing I find that what people do not understand -- they fear.

At 11/25/2004 8:04 PM, Blogger The Old Hippie said...

I did notice that you didn't answer any of the questions, and you left your comment in a different posting than where the questions were asked of you.  As to "general statements" without proof - You obviously haven't bothered to actually read my blog and/or web site.  I don't post anything without either proof and/or source links in the current or a previous posting.

I did notice that in your blog that many of your sources are FOX (put Pravda to shame in the propaganda game,) The Washington Times (The moonie paper,) The Weekly Standard (Another Murdoch propaganda rag,) the latter two being most of your out-side sources, et al.

If you will take the time to actually go through my blog you will find that, yes, I use a lot of sources you consider un-American leftist, but I also have sources from the middle and the right, and not to just attack them.

As to name calling - I did notice your quite the name caller within your blog, maybe you should re-read the comment you left us concerning name calling?

BTW - Would you please answer the five questions?  If not - Please don't leave any more comments, as they will be ignored.


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