Thursday, November 25, 2004

Up, Up, And Away. . .

America Is Still On Its Way Up. . .
by The Old Hippie, Because "Unbelievable" Is No Longer A Bombastic Description

The number of Americans that don't get enough food, up again - The number without any health insurance, up again - The number without jobs, up again - The number not counted because they "gave up," up again - The number below the poverty line, up again - The number of men put into prison, up again - The number dead in a profit taking war, up again - The number of dead since
Read "Mission Accomplished," up again - The number of "dirty-tricks-found" to suppress the vote by republicans since the election, up again, The number of women put into prison, up again, - The number of known corporate environmental "escapes," up again - The number of corporations with off shore tax dodging headquarters, up again - The number of those given federal no-bid contracts, up again - The number of innocent civilians killed for our war, up again - The number of jobs with less pay, less benefits, and less security, up again - The number of "Christians" that "believe" that the Separation of Church and State should be done away with, up again - The number of Islamic terrorists in the world directly because of the Iraq war, not our
freedoms, up again - The number of radical imbecilic born-again Evangelical fundamentalists that "know" the gay-marriage issue is more important than all the above listed "up agains," and "know" that Creationism is a science, and that it must be taught to your children, and that the "Rapture" must be "made" to happen, up again. . .

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I have gotten emails, and comments, from born-agains that have taken offense at being referred to as imbeciles.  I make no apology for the offense, and the offense is meant.  Here is why. . .

I find it offensive that you want to destroy the Separation of Church and State that is a founding basis of our Constitutional Democracy that protects you from my religious beliefs, and protects the rest of us from your religious beliefs.

I find it offensive that you are trying to force my children, my grandchildren, and everyone elses' children, to be taught Creationism or your euphemistic "Intelligent Design", a religious belief of the reality of the universe based on biblical absolutism - not scientific reality, in our nations public schools.

I find it offensive that you claim that you elected this administration because of "moral values," when it so very obvious this administration has none, they even arrogantly brag about it, that for this administration, torture is okay, cutting the pay and benefits to the troops and their families during war is okay, at the same time cutting the taxes of the ultra rich during war and the worse U.S. economy since the Great Depression, (tax cuts for themselves - not for you or us,) sending our children, fathers, mothers, brothers, and sisters into war without basic armor protection and/or training is okay, giving no-bid contracts to proven corrupt crony corporations is okay, outsourcing our jobs to third world slave economies without human rights regulation is okay, etc., etc. . .

I find it offensive that you are so blind to your own imbecilic destruction, and since you are around 46% of the electorate, also my nation's destruction.

Creationism, and your recent euphemistic Intelligent Design beliefs are the most imbecilic of all, and to try to force those religious beliefs onto the rest of us Americans, and our children within our schools, is morally offensive.

If you really believe that you will get away with it for very long - You are imbeciles.

Do I hate you?  No.
Do I pity you?  No.

You have the right to believe as you wish - You do not have the right to force your beliefs onto us, and forcing Creationism, or "Intelligent Design," into our schools is forcing your beliefs upon us.  Which is completely unacceptable, and imbecilic, and dangerous to our Nation's health - And we - the rest of America - will fight you over it - and for it.

If you want to teach your children that the Earth is less than 7,000 years old, and that most all of cosmology, Astronomy, biology, geology, is wrong, and that Darwin, Einstein, Freud, et al, were wrong - Fine - Do it.  But do it in your homes, or churches.  Do not try to force our public schools to teach your religious beliefs to our children.


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