Thursday, March 10, 2005

Maybe It's Time. . .

That Action Is Called For, More So Each Day, As Talk Isn't Cutting It. . .
by The Old Hippie Because Talking About It Is Failing

Seymour Hersh was right when he said, "The problem is that George Bush is convinced he's doing the right thing."  It doesn't matter how many body bags come back.  At some level he thinks


he'll be vindicated.  It doesn't matter what we write, we can't shape [Bush].  If you think it's a little terrifying, it is.  Other [presidents] felt the heat, this guy doesn't."

Russell Mokhiber and Robert Weissman are also correct in their recent posting of "A Little Less Conversation, A Little More Action" - "We know this may sound strange coming from two writers who spend most of their time researching and writing and contributing to the flood. [of political analysis]

But someone has to come up for air and scream:  It's not making any difference!"

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = 

So I'm not alone in my realization of talking about it is not cutting it.  I'm seeing more and more calls for open and sustained action/revolt/revolution, rather than words, from more and more people/sites/opinions/analysis, and coming from "rationals," not just the more usual "radicals."  e.g. Seymour Hersh, Russell Mokhiber and Robert Weissman, Howard Zinn, Thom Hartmann, me, William Rivers Pitt, Molly Ivins, Amy Goodman, Howard Dean, Robert Kennedy, Jr., and many others, all joining the call for action, sooner, than later, every day. . .

It has gotten this bad.  The anger, and the anger of the frustration, has finally reached this tipping point of realization - The American Constitutional Democracy is not "being" destroyed from within, not "could be," or "might be," or "possibly will," but rather "Has Been."  America is now a one-party-ruled Plutocracy of an enhanced Theocratically Corporatist Fascist government, with openly arrogant Totalitarian safeguards being added on a daily basis, to protect "their freedoms" - from us.  From us.  Not the "terrorists."

They are still getting away with all of it, they sneer and smirk at all of us, as they continue to pocket incomprehensible wealth, stolen from all of us "fodder units" in the lower 98%.  They are so successful that approximately 47% of "us" are actually helping them, because in their, manufactured and promoted, ignorance, they "know" Christ is coming, and they "know" he will pick them.  And our own president is one of them.  (Whether it's a crafty lie, or an insane delusion. . .  Does it make any real difference?)

We reality-based Americans have simply let/allowed this insanity to go on - way too far.

The time for talk is over.


At 11/08/2005 1:18 PM, Blogger V-Man said...

"Russell Mokhiber and Robert Weissman are also correct in their recent posting of ..."

Your/thier logic is flawed. The war in Iraq *is* making a difference. The information supporting this is available for anyone that wants it, which, of course, the mainstream press does not.

Right now, and for over a year, the US has been fighting al Queda in Iraq. THat's right, al Queda. Not "iraqui insurgents", which is an improper use of the word insurgent, anyway, but al Queda.
The losses the enemy is suffering are high, even when they take on the ISF, now. Inside a year or two, the ISF will be able to take on the lion's share of the security duties and as the Iraq people become more confident in thier own security troops, the enemy wil be less and less able to hide amongst them.
As it stands, al Queda has to resort to the threat of force just to move amongst the populace and that ability is becoming more and more constricted.

The war in Iraq did not start as part of the war on terror, but it has certainly developed into one of that comflict's battlefields, which is a *good* thing, all in all. If we were not fighting them in Iraq, we'd be fighting them *here*, in the US.

And I'm curious, how can one be against the military killing the people that have sworn to destroy us, to kill us, who *have* killed our people? These guys aren't victims, they are fanatics devoted to one cause - the destruction of the US. That is what their propoganda says and that is what they say when captured.

Why do you oppose using force against these murderers?

At 11/08/2005 1:23 PM, Blogger V-Man said...

"America is now a one-party-ruled Plutocracy of an enhanced Theocratically Corporatist Fascist government, with openly arrogant Totalitarian safeguards being added on a daily basis, to protect "their freedoms" - from us."

Really? If the US is so totalitarian, how is it you aren't in a camp already? Because it isn't as bad as you want others to believe.
Just as WJC was not the Anti-Christ, nor is GWB. It isn't that the country is becoming a totalitarian state, it is that the majority are rejecting your politics. That can't feel good, any more than it did for Republicans in the 30s when FDR got so many social programs enacted.

Instead of griping, try re-examining why your politics are being rejected. Despite liberal opposition, the budget got balanced. Despite liberal opposition, welfare has been substantially reformed. These were good things for the country, just as civil liberties are.

Sorry, but extremist politics are extremist politics, whether you are an NRA Life Member or a "card-carrying member of the ACLU".

At 11/08/2005 1:41 PM, Blogger V-Man said...

" they continue to pocket incomprehensible wealth, stolen from all of us "fodder units" in the lower 98%."

The war cry of the chronic underachiver. You don't like being poor? You are wealthy enough to be able to own a personal computer. Most human beings (there are over 5 billion of us that aren't rich Americans) don't own a computer, have never seen a real one.

You have a computer and the liesure time to not only blog, but to monitor the news enough to follow current events.

That is not poor. Poor is working every day, six days a week, for cash paid daily, at menial labor. Poor is owning two pair of shoes, both worn out, and not being able to feed yourself. Poor is being one of those kids on the late night "feed the foreign hungry children" commercials.

You and more than 99% of all Americans are not poor. You might not have all your *wants* fulfilled, but that is another discussion.
People *want* thier PS2, they *want* their Satellite Dish, they *want* thier Bulls tickets.
You want to start forcing the rich to divest themselves of their money, let's start with Michael Jordan, Payton Manning, and all the other overpriced primadonnas that do nothing more than play a game for a living.
But lay off the guys that keep this country running - you might not want to invite them to dinner, but they are what makes America work. Without Lee Iacocca, and the men like him in industry, and the other major fields of the American Economy, *you* would be the poster child for "feed the hungry".

You live in the wealthiest country in the world and the one nation, more than any other, that has the conditions that anyone willing to do what it takes can *become wealthy themselves*.

Most Americans choose not to. I know this because I could be far better off than I am and the only person holding *me* back is *me*.
There is NOBODY keeping you from being as rich as Bush, Sr. But you just don't want to *work* for it like he did. I won't argue that W or Jeb didn't inherit $ and influence, they certainly did. But their father earned it.

Wanna be rich? Go invent a new idea and market it. Don't have the skills or imagination to do that? Ok, go get a GOOD job, earn enough money beyond your expeses to invest, and then do so, agressively. You can retire in ten years, there's no trick, no need for inside knowledge or help, it just takes knowing what youa re doing and performing to and exceeding standards *other* than your own.

People that aren't willing to go out and earn their fortune have no business telling others what to do with theirs.

I'm poor, is as much as I scrape to meet my needs on a weekly basis. I use public transportation. I work when I can but because of my own mistakes, I have trouble getting jobs. When I sit on the bus and listen to "poor" Americans, I have to restrain myself from offering them a "pity party".

They complain about how they got fired because of this and that trival thing they just *had* to do instead of going to work. Then they talk about how the "real" reason they got fired was "office politics" - the manager didn't like them.
If one of my employees blew off work because his favorite musical tgroup was having a festival in another city and he *had* to see this *once in a lifetime event*, yeah, I wouldn't like him much, either.
If another employee kept losing me business because she'd rather spend her time on the clock talking to her girlfriends in the back instead of taking care of customers, yeah, I'm going to fire her if she doesn't stop.

Your blog, today, is a wonderful example of the "me-ism" of Americans, today. Gone from the Left is the spirit of JFK - Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.

Essentially, it's pathetic.

At 11/08/2005 3:24 PM, Blogger The Old Hippie said...

As the fewer every day that still live within denial, (your down to around 35% of Americans now,) you still defend their destruction of "your" Constitutional Democracy in pathetic "the kettle calling the pot black" retorts, without any links to the proof - Which if you spend even the slightest time in this blog you will find - - -

As a retired, not poor/not rich, American Navy veteran - I can tell you that you are without backup on your allegations - Iraq is not better off now - And it is not getting better for the innocents in Iraq.  We here in America are far worse off since we quit going after al Queda, and moved resources to Iraq for a war of choice and profit.  We are, because of the Iraq invasion now with less freedom and liberty within our own country, and are now much less secure, and are increasing the desperation and opportunities of those whom see terrorism as their last hope - Because this Bush administration has screwed up so badly, but profited so well at the cost to so many, cost in not only security and lives, but also to we veterans and current active duty personnel and their families - Most of whom see it - Why do you not?  Why?


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