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The Current Republican Party Observed
by August Keso, The Progressive Daily Beacon, Apr. 9, 2005

Progressive Daily Beacon Commentary

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Crazies Run Republican Insane Asylum
[&] - Quote Stalin, 'No man, no problem' Referring to Judges

The Crazies are officially running the Republican Party Insane Asylum.  At a meeting put together by something calling itself, the Judeo-Christian Council for Constitutional Restoration or what I call The Base, which in Arabic is al Qaeda, the Republiqaedan Party's mainstream members met to stoke the fires of hate toward the United States judicial system.

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In case you are wondering, no judge is beyond the American Taliban's hateful and dangerous ire.  Supreme Court Justice Kennedy, appointed by the Conservative icon Reagan, drew most of their venom.  The "Christian" supposed pro-life-coalition was upset that Kennedy voted against executing juveniles.  According to Phyllis Schlafly Kennedy's opinion forbidding capital punishment for juveniles "is a good ground of impeachment."  An idiotic comment that brought cheers from the crazies gathering for something called, "Confronting the Judicial War on Faith," Schlafly then went on to say Kennedy had not met the "good behavior" requirement for office and that "Congress ought to talk about impeachment."

The Republican Jihadists have a strange notion that "faith" is being persecuted in the United States.  Never mind that there is a man they equate to Jesus, "W" Bush, running the country.  Born again fanatics Bill Frist and Tom DeLay ruling over both houses of Congress and more "faith based" television and radio shows than there are reality TV programs.  In the mind of the zealots...the American Taliban...the Jihadis for Jesus..."faith" is being persecuted.

The gathering of spit drooling, religious fanatics pretend to focus their anger on America's judges but the reality is they just don't like the Constitution, because it doesn't allow for the formation of an American Taliban.  "The Constitution isn't," Phyllis Schlafly insisted, "what the Supreme Court says it is."

The country's "principal problem" isn't Iraq or the ever-growing massive federal deficit.  It is whether "we as a people acknowledge that God exists," this according to former Republican representative William Dannemeyer.

Edwin Viera took it a bit further when he told the gathering of the American Taliban that his "bottom line" for dealing with the Supreme Court comes from -- no surprise here -- Joseph Stalin, "He had a slogan and it worked very well for him, whenever he ran into difficulty, 'no man no problem.'"  Viera told the swooning crowd.  Stalin you see, figured if a person was giving him a problem...and the person no longer existed, neither did the problem.

Today, the "problem" is the men and women of the Supreme Court and America's judiciary who refuse to rule unconstitutionally and put Jesus into the document.  Eventually, at the rate the base's political clout is growing, they will if left un-checked, achieve their goal of "no man, no problem" as it pertains to America's courts.  But it won't stop there, because you and me and a about 82% of the American population don't exactly view religion the way the American Taliban does.  If and when they succeed in their goal of being rid of those on the courts, their purging...their "no man, no problem" doctrine will begin to focus it's attention on others.

Any rational person reading these quotes would be tempted to think, "Come on now, these are just a few crazies.  Nothing serious."  Well, that is the whole point isn't it?  These aren't a small minority of the fringe Republiqaedan element.  These people are the Republican Party.  They are the people Bush relied on, rallied and helped build the communications and infrastructure in order for them to become the potent political force -- though only a small fraction of the American electorate -- they are today.

The attendees included two House members; aides to two senators; representatives from the Family Research Council and Concerned Women for America; conservative activists Alan Keyes and Morton C. Blackwell; the lawyer for Terri Schiavo's parents; Alabama's "Ten Commandments" judge, Roy Moore; and DeLay, who canceled to attend the pope's funeral, but who appeared via video to tell the crowd, "The judiciary branch of our government has overstepped its authority on countless occasions, overturning and in some cases just ignoring the legitimate will of the people...But I also believe the executive and legislative branches have neglected the proper checks and balances on this behavior.  ... Our next step, whatever it is, must be more than rhetoric."

These people ARE whom the Republiqaedans represent.  If there was any doubt after the Republican Politburo forced Terri Schiavo out of her deathbed, then think about the fact that Republicans allocated federal funds to religious groups for "job training," but allowed them to actually discriminate against American citizens who happened either to be gay, or not aligned with the rabid Christian doctrine.

Right now, today...the Crazies are Running the Republican Party Insane Asylum and their names are Bush, Frist and DeLay.  And the Crazies are damned dangerous!


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