Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Some Interesting. . .

Things That You Might Have Missed In Your Daily Surfing. . .
compiled by The Old Hippie Because I Had The Time

  1.  Some say this is brilliant - Whatever, it is interesting though -

  2.  Col. (Ret.) David Hackworth's letter to Lt. Gen. John Sattler

  3.  Insane Creationists fighting the really big screen - and winning -

  4.  Miscovering (yawn) Anti-War Protests (Again)

  5.  Gas soars 13 cents a gallon, just in time for Easter travel

  6.  Other important stories not topping corporate news today
 Your Right

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  7.  Casting Aside the Separation of Powers, a John Conyers, Jr. editorial

  8.  Protest Stories, from those that were at the protests  (Will Pitt's FYI blog)

[ Let me interject here - This planet's largest worldwide protests in written history, before the war, all of the protests here, and worldwide, during the past two years, and the protests of this past weekend - Were important, and should not end - But they all were totally ignored by those in power, and completely marginalized by the corrupted, and complicit, corporate media - I am convinced the only choice left to all of us reality-based Americans for saving the soul of, and the reality of, the American Constitutional Democracy, is an open and sustained revolt.  Not unlike what our Founders did to the original King George, that created this Democracy - That the current one-party-rule corporatists "leaders" are purposefully destroying, for the greed of personal wealth, and power. ]

  9.  If Jesus returns, Karl Rove will kill him, a column by Harvey Wasserman at FreePress.org

10.  Concerned Citizens Flood FCC With Demands To Stop Fake News - 40,000 so far -

11.  And finally - This Most Interesting Observation. . . - From uruknet.info -

PEACE GROUPS Continue To Miss The Real Issue
Day of demonstrations guaranteed to accomplish absolutely nothing.
by John Kaminski - March 14, 2005

I received an e-mail notice the other day informing me of a worldwide day of protests March 19 to focus public attention on America's neverending massacre of innocent Iraqi civilians and the continuing lies that attempt to justify this needless and shameful carnage.  ...The e-mail focused on the agenda of the local social event in Sarasota, Florida, and listed speakers, sponsors, activities, locations, and times.  Conspicuously absent from this list were reasons...


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