Friday, April 29, 2005

Land Of The Free?

We Americans Are The Most Imprisoned Nation On The Planet
compiled by The Old Hippie Because Most Americans Still Believe We Are The Land Of The Free

1 out of every 138 Americans in prison
Homeland Security take note: Americans are our own worst enemy, according to a new Bureau of Justice press release.  Last year, the jail and prison population grew by 932 inmates per week.  According to the Justice Policy Institute, this means the United States has a higher rate of incarceration than any other country, followed by Britain, China, France, Japan and Nigeria.  No wonder we don't feel safe.  We're more likely to end up in prison than we are to be attacked.

by Rachel, Staff Member -, April 25, 2005

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America has more of its own citizens in prison, than any other nation on the planet.

In the whole of written history, no nation ever imprisoned as many of its citizens, as America has.

Of all nations on the planet, America has the highest percentage of it own citizens in prison.

We are not "the land of the free," we are the land of the most imprisoned.

And keep in mind, we now "officially" condone, and do, torture human beings in our prisons, both foreign, and domestic.

"Ya'all have a nice day now, ya'hear?"

[ If you're interested, you might enjoy reading this. . . "The Police State Road Map" ]


At 1/25/2006 4:22 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The American Government has one goal: To Make America an Economic Powerhouse. Those that do not assist the American Government in it's quest for Economic and Political superiority to this adminsistration are the same as traitors.

1.) Remove privacy: The government MUST know what it's political enemies are doing 24/7.
2.) Suppress gun rights: An unarmed citizen cannot fight.
3.) Control speech and location of protest via "Free Speech Zones" it does not benefit the presidency to have prtesting Americans seen on camera.
4.)Use Non-Violent Felony Convictions to reduce rights. Migrate more misdeamenors to felonies.
5.)Endorse Religous groups which advocate a reduction in the freedom of expression and freedom of choice. Make America officially a Christian Nation.]
6.) Strengthen the Two Party system and weaken third parties, such as The Libertarian Party buy limiting fund raising and advertising methods and creating tighter restrictions on party registration.
7.) Continue to play the "Fear Card", Americans on the whole will support any action they feel is for their protection. Denouce any opposition as unpatriotic sympathizers.


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