Thursday, May 26, 2005

Fighting The Good Fight. . .

A Fight Made Harder Within A Profitable, But Manufactured, Ignorance
by The Old Hippie Because I See The Decline And Fall Coming, And The Destruction In It's Wake

William Rivers Pitt spoke for many of us, we who publicly keep banging our collective heads against the wall of American apathetic ignorance, when he said. . .


"I'm very tired."  . . .  "I am tired of people like Bush using terms like freedom as an advertising pitch for actions that promote anything but freedom.  The word itself sounds like a dead fish in his mouth.  I am tired of dead soldiers, dead civilians, I am tired of our highest ideals being used to peddle profiteering by war, and I am so damned tired of trying to shake people into doing something about it before we all go over the cliff."

-- From "Take the Long Way Home" - William Rivers Pitt - - May 24, 2005

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = 

There have been times in my recent past, when the reality of this horrible situation, all of it, the proven obvious lies, that have wrought so much destruction and hundreds of thousands of needless deaths. . .  When the non-response to the obviousness by my fellow American citizens - left me emotionally exhausted.  And understand me clearly, I'm not speaking of only the "war on terror," that has produced so much more terror, just to secure the profits of so few.  Also know that my use of the word "profits" implies much more than just dollars.

I'm not going to go over all of the specific points again, it's all out there, at least in the independent American media, and the foreign media of allies, and non-allies.  I have tried to present the reality as honestly as I possibly could in this blog, and at my main website, as have many other reality-based people, not only in America, but in most of the other nations.

This "horrible situation" is only horrible to those of us in the lower 97% - 98% economic classes.  It's not just horrible for most of us Americans, but even far worst for so many others around the planet, and almost all of the horror is unnecessary, and preventable, with rational diplomacy.

American Constitutional Democracy has seen dark and dangerous times in the past, the civil war, the robber barons, the depression, the McCarthy Era, and the brink of world destruction with nuclear insanity during the cold war, but never in America's almost 229 year history has the republic been this close to its own self-destruction from within.  Right now America is on the very brink of becoming an enhanced Plutocratic-Corporatist-Totalitarian-Theocracy.

The reality of this does not depress me, it angers me.  But, in the face of all that has been proven, obviously corrupted national elections, (plural,) the obvious corrupt corporatist take-over of so much of our Federal Governmental structures, the obvious abuse by one-party-rule, the obvious corruption of history by insane "bring-on-the-Rapture" Evangelical "born-again" religious nuts that now have a tight grip on the party in power, the obvious theft of the entire federal treasury into the hands of so few to the detriment to so many, etc, etc. . .  The fact that no real protests, no real revolt, no real punishment, has occurred yet, and the continuing of the few "getting away with it" being allowed to continue by so many. . .  Really pisses me off much more.

I just thought I should make that clearly understood.


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