Saturday, May 21, 2005

You Can Ignore It. . .

You Can Even Use Rationalization To Deny It, But It's Pretty Much Over
by The Old Hippie Because Reality Keeps Impinging Upon My Reality

The "Known" Reality As Facts, Not Opinions:

A simple listing of what we all know to be true about our Republic right now. . .

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = 

State by state, and at the federal level, Separation of Church and State is history, not current law.

This nation is torturing human beings, some even guilty of crimes, most not.

This torturing is official American policy, and the rest of the planet knows it.

When the torture "needed" is even worse than we can stomach, we outsource it.

The separation of powers is pretty much history on the federal level.

Even the Senatorial filibuster is possibly gone for all the wrong reasons.

The Executive, and Congressional, (both houses,) branches are of one mind.

When the filibuster is gone, the Judicial branch will also be in the control of that one mind.

Right now federal and state judges, and their families, are being threatened, and killed.

The other two branches are not only doing nothing to stop it, they are subtly encouraging it.

Almost all social safety net programs have been stopped, and they are going after the rest.

Almost all protections from corporate abuses have been stopped/blocked/done away with.

Almost all federal protections from non-separation of church and state have been also.

As have over 75 years of the peer-reviewed, rational, and commonsense environmental laws.

Almost all of the "mainstream" media is complicit, and/or silent, or "silenced."

The president is, or opportunistically pretending to be, an Evangelical born-again nut.

The last three national "elections" are a planet-wide joke, but they got away with it.

The largest federal deficit in our history.

The largest trade deficit in our history.

Tax breaks for the wealthiest few percent. . . during war. . . during record deficits.

The dollar being replaced were it counts most, planet-wide, by the euro.

An incredible amount of money being borrowed from China, to support "our" war, and occupation.

The amount we are borrowing from other nations is beyond any future ability to pay back.

Our first war of aggression on a nation that didn't attack us, and was not a threat.

An "unprovoked war of aggression" is the #1 war crime, as determined at Nuremburg.

The Geneva Conventions, in reality, are no longer a factor for American military actions.

Free-Speech-Zones are a "lawful" fact now.

The Patriot Acts aren't being diminished, they're being expanded. . .  right now.

America is the most imprisoned nation in history, in raw numbers, and percentage of population.

No Republic has lasted over 300 years, and this one is on the very brink.

A final couple of questions. . .

Into whose pockets did, (and still is,) all of the trillions of dollars, from the original federal treasury surplus, from all of the borrowing from other nations, and from the tax-breaks, go?  (and is still going into as I write this.)

No matter if the American Republic ends, or not. . . Do you think any part of that money will be replaced, paid back, recovered, or that any of those successful thieves will be, in any real way, punished for the theft, for the destruction, and for the thousands upon thousands of deaths, as a direct result of their methods of their theft of those monies?

What?  You mean you actually thought there were/are other reasons for all of this?


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