Saturday, September 03, 2005

8/27/05 to 9/2/05 - 6 Days. . .

6 Days With No Real Help, "Says It All" About This Administration
by Americans From All Sides Of The Political Spectrum

Absolutely no activity or response until the political pressure of the "National Disgrace" became obviously "politically damageably real," did this president, and his administration, make any effort to even look like they cared in any way.  And their first response is "now is not the time place blame..." and in what is obvious to everyone, even those in their own party, they are the only ones crying this sentiment out loudly, for the obvious "political" reality that they are in fact to blame.  To blame for the delayed non-response to the obvious threat, to blame for the policies they forced through on the cuts in funding, and purposely ignoring wetlands environmental science in favor of corporate friends over the last 4 years, to blame for the removal of upwards of 37% of the National Guard units and almost 100% of funding sources to Iraq, to blame for their "ignoring," and remaining on their vacations, even as the reality of the level of the disastrous destruction of 90% of the Gulf Coast was known for days, to blame for the allowed, and even supported, opportunistic price gouging by the oil companies as soon as the storm hit, and now accelerating to upwards of $7/gallon in areas of the south.

Links to the proofs the of all of above assertions follow, in the "Below The Fold" section. . .

[ Also - While all of this is going on - This is happening - And You should read about it 1st. ]

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"Even Those In Their Own Party"

U.S Senator David Vitter (R) [ Link ]

"Editorials, Including Those at Conservative Papers, Rip Bush's Hurricane Response" [ Link ]

"The bottom line is he needs to appear much more involved, much more hands on, much more in touch with the reality on the ground. He certainly should not be being photographed with a guitar," said a Republican congressional aide. [ Link ]

"Lawmakers of Both Parties Criticize US Response" [ Link ]

"This email from the RNC just went out to its list:" [ Link ] (See what is really important to the Republicans, right now 9/2/05, as so many continue to die. . .)

"To Blame For The Delayed Non-Response To The Obvious Threat"

"Katrina Comes Home to Roost" [ Link ]

"Katrina: Predictable, preventable, ignored" [ Link ]

"To Blame For The Policies They Forced Through"

"New Orleans: It's about us" [ Link ]

"How New Orleans Was Lost" [ Link ]

"To Blame For Their "Ignoring," And Remaining On Their Vacations"

"Nero - {part 1}" [ Link ]

"As South drowns, Rice soaks in N.Y." [ Link ]

"Not Acceptable" [ Link ]

"The 'Vice'-President, where is Dick Cheney?" [ Link ]

"Allowed, And Even Supported, Opportunistic Price Gouging"

"SAWYER: "... Some people have said that the oil companies themselves should simply forfeit some of their profits in this time of national crisis. A conservative commentator - a popular one - called last night for 20% reduction in the profit."

BUSH: "Hmm. " [ link ]

Asked in an interview on ABC's "Good Morning America" if U.S. oil companies should forfeit profits during the crisis, Bush said "Hmm... "instead" American corporations "should" contribute cash to hurricane relief funds.  [emphisis mine]

Howard Dean, chairman of the Democratic National Committee, seized on that comment.  He said that while Bush was "asking ordinary Americans to do more, he ought to show some real leadership, and call on his friends in Big Oil to join in the sacrifice and stop gouging American families at the gas pump." [ Link ]

"$7 per gallon" [ Yahoo Search, 864 Links - Google Search, 1,180 Links ]


At 9/04/2005 6:36 AM, Blogger Chilly said...

I can't speak on behalf of most of your comments. The US president, whether you like him or not, has a personal agenda like every president before him.

But you, like every other major leader in the world, are blaming him for a distaster that couldn't be prevented by him.

I have lived in both typhoons in Japan and Hurricanes in the southeastern US, to include New Orleans. Everyone is warned, but no one listens or cares. They grab provisions and beer and chill out at home.

If you look at the carnage that is the current New Orleans, you will notice many hundred + year old structures are still standing. They were built to last and withstand the bad weather. The ones destroyed that were destroyed are the new ones.

Who would build a building where the outside is completely made of glass in an area that is vulnerable to a hurricane? Blame the city for this error in judgement, not the president.

Your statement ranks up there with the islamic militant group that claimed the hurricane was part of their world wide Jihad.

You may hate Bush, but don't blame him for this. There is nothing he could have done. He was damned either way.

If Bush made a madatory evacuation of New Orleans, he would've been compared to Adolf Hitler for it.

Please, understand. I understand Bush is not as honorable as some of our presidents of our past, but don't use this tragedy to bash him. Blame the proper people, like the new housing development or the levee control board.

At 9/04/2005 8:35 AM, Blogger The Old Hippie said...

Chilly - You obviously didn't read the links of proof.  You are also one of the diminishing number of Americans still in denial.  It saddens me when I hear from people like yourself, and it also, I admit, angers me, when I can see that you are commenting from a lack of research, and reality.  Almost all of our current problems in America can be followed back to the "allowing" by a populace in ignorance and denial.


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