Thursday, October 20, 2005

Waiting. . .

The "Calm Before The Storm" Is Upon Us - Both Natural And Political
by The Old Hippie Because I Fear The 1st, And Sadly Hope For A More Devastating 2nd

Wilma, the strongest Atlantic basin hurricane in the history of the Americas, is expected to hit my home on Saturday, the 8th Florida hurricane in just the last two years.  Tom Delay is expected to be arrested tomorrow, The head of Procurement at OMB has already been arrested.  Special Prosecutor Fitzgerald is expected to hand down as many as 22 indictments of mostly White House senior staff and underlings this coming week.  I fear the winds, and resultant rising waters from Wilma - But I fear the coming political storm will not be strong enough. . .

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = 

Even though much will be "corrected" in the coming political storm(s) - Much will not.

There are many good breakdowns of our nation's "broken political/governmental things" on the web, but one of the best "What's been broken, and how we can go about fixing it" articles was presented by Molly Ivins in her October 18, 2005 column at the's website, titled "Good Ideas On How To Fix Things."  I strongly suggest you read it.

Since we all - right and left - are waiting for the political storm(s) to hit - You might want to spend some quality time inside the following websites - If only for no other reason than simple perspective. . .

Crooks and Liars - Democracy Now! - The Daily Show with Jon Stewart - This Modern World - Bob Harris - Cagle's Political Toons - All of which, and others, can be found in my personal website's "Truth" section.

You might even take this time, the "calm before the storm," to also visit many of the right-wing sites - And make real-life, reality-based, comparisons - Don't be like them - Don't believe it's all black & white, or it's "with us or against us" - It's not.

Don't ignore their "info-net," like they have been trained to ignore ours.  If you leave comments at their sites - Be rational, be polite, be non-judgmental, and be informative with linked sources - They are not the "enemy," that so many of them treat us as.  They are not stupid, many are just inside a denial of the reality of those they trusted.  It is "those they trusted" that are the enemy - Help them to understand that.  Many are beginning to actually listen. . .

The purposeful "repetitive simplistic complexity of the redundant complex simplicity" of the "enemies within" - is a far greater danger - than any natural storm or any group of terrorists.


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