Monday, February 27, 2006

Where Does One Begin - Again?

New Revelations, Related To So Much I've Already Written About. . .
by The Old Hippie Because It, Our Constitutional Republic, Needs Constant Diligence

"America, Love It Or Leave It!"  If only life, reality, could be so simple - But, alas, it is not.  The only way the American Constitutional Republic, the once greatest hope for so many, could be destroyed - Was from within - and now, indisputably, that destruction is becoming fact.  The only ones that can "save" it, are also within.  Us.

I loved our country, actually I still do love our Constitutional Republic -Deeply - but I readily admit I do not love what "our" nation has become - Which is no longer the healthy representative republic that it was before this administration purposefully destroyed its checks & balances, its separation of powers, its regulatory structures, its multi-party-rule, its separation of the Church and State, its sane cooperation/diplomacy with other nations, its manufacturing base, its social-safety-net protections, its workers input/protections via labor unions, its free and open dispersion of information system, the media, via corrupt corporate consolidation of 99% of "our" media into the control of just six corporations, etc. . .  All for the outright open criminal greed of "profits over everything/anything," including the needs of its citizens, and life itself.

Sonni, my wife, and I have discussed leaving, but for many and complex reasons we decided - No.  We'll stay - and fight.  For a very long time I only saw "us" losing the fight, and the reality is that "we" still may lose in the end.  History is definitely not on "our" side.  Not once in the written history of this planet as a nation ever survived the internal destructive forces "we" now face, but neither has a nation like the American Constitutional Republic ever existed.  Because of the underpinning protections built into "our" Republic, "our" representative Democracy, by the Founders of this nation, there is still existent hope of mitigation, and possibly even recovery.  So, because of our love of our real nation, we stay.

"You Are With Us, Or You Are Against Us!"  Again, if only life, reality, was so simple.  That remark is one of those pesky logic enigmas, where it is both true, and false, at the same time.  This nation is now a corrupt theocratic/corporatist oligarchy, of, by, and for the corporate/monied few, and I am definitely not "with" them, and openly "against" their agenda of profits over the needs of all other considerations, and if you are not with "us," then you are my enemy, and the enemy of my nation, the American Representative Constitutional Republic.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = 

If you are apathetic, apolitical, "above it all," - Then you are not only pathetic, you are the most destructive of citizens in the destruction-from-within, and a "useful tool," for them that actively pursue profits, even over sanity, and nation.  You are not my enemy, because in the freedoms granted by "our" Constitutional Republic, you have the "right" to your self-centered self-destruction, but I don't have to like freedom's demand of my tolerance of your lack of responsibility.  Don't help "us" in this fight to save "our" freedoms, and you will deserve what will happen to you - But not the rest of "us" that fight to protect "your" freedom to ignore your nation's destruction.  See?  It's not "with us or against us," it's many shades of grey, but yet - It is possible to be not against us, but still be against us, as well as not with them, but yet you are.

If only it were simple - But, alas, It is not.


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