Saturday, August 26, 2006

H-E-L-L-O America!

They - "Put It To Ya" - And You Even Helped Them Do It. . .
by The Old Hippie Because At This Late Stage, You Are Finally Waking Up To Its Ramifications.

Listing Only The Most Obvious "Put It To Ya" successes You have Allowed:

- The largest theft of national monies in the written history of the planet, both in actual amount, and spending power.  [Now exceeding $10,000,000,000,000]

- This administration has borrowed more money from other nations, (after cleaning out the record U.S. Federal Treasury surplus in its 1st year,) than all of the other previous administrations combined, and has successfully, so far, laundered it all through crony-corrupt no-bid governmental/corporate contracts into each other's families pockets.  Take a wild guess who will have to pay that impossible debt back?  [If you said "them," you are too delusional to be reading in this blog, go read the FOX News website, it will feed your fantasy.]

[Side-Note on that ~$10-trillion, If you spent $100 every second of every day, ($8,640,000/day.)  How long would it take you to spend that 10-trillion dollars?  Ans: ~3,168.81 years, or about 31.69 centuries.  Think about it for a minute.  That is the amount of money you allowed them to take from all of us, which, by the way, you are still "allowing" them to continue to do at this very minute.]

- The above two successes, are together, "the big picture," all the rest, the political use of blind patriotism, the fear mongering through the corporately controlled MSM, the use of religious ideological bigotry and biases, the feeding and support of the sycophant's opportunistic desperate greed, the use of classic "divide-and-conquer" racial bigotry, the stacking of all federal regulatory agencies with family and corporate cronies, the smoke-and-mirrors of "the big lie" denying the larger exposed big-lie to keep the "masses," (us,) off balance and unsure, and other fogging technics, both blatant and subtle, the corrupt control of the elections through sycophants and corrupted voting machines, is all just control and support of, and misdirection from, "the big picture's" ongoing theft of trillions of dollars, and to keep control of the masses, (us,) so that we keep allowing the money flowing into their pockets.

Please - Think about it.  Never in the written history of this planet has so many lives been put into the hands of so few.  Never in the written history of this planet has so few had so much control of so much money, and its power.

Peak oil is real,  Global warming and global dimming are real.  These realities are being "talked about," but so far, no real progress has been made by this nation to do any serious abatement of the consequences of these realities, because those that have the power and money, (this administration and its corrupt corporate friends,) will not allow us to negatively effect their profits.

Is it too late?  I really don't know, and I'm an optimist.  But I do know that never before in the written history of this planet has humankind been this close to the reality of a planet wide, human caused, environmental catastrophe.

The coming die-off from this environmental damage, and the consequential real, and political, resource wars this ongoing allowed damage will, (already is actually,) precipitate... will be devastating.

In the last six years, this administration has made the world much less safe for everyone, both environmentally and politically.  Why are we still allowing them this destruction?

Maybe the person who said, "Those inside history, see it the least," was correct.

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Nothing else at this time. . .


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