Monday, September 25, 2006

All 16 of Them. . .

All of Our Intelligence Agencies Have Reported That They Lied - Again.
by 12 of Our Brave Intelligence Agents, Leaking The Truth To Us.

ABC News Video report on:

All 16 of the major U.S. Intelligence agencies - Reporting that the Iraq War is definitely worsening terrorism.  This is actually the “Intelligence Estimate” from last April, that has finally been leaked by 12 agents from within the agencies themselves.

- Direct Link To The Video Report Here -

So - This administration knew in April, (in April!,) that all 16 of their own restructured intelligence agencies clearly reported that the Iraq War was not making us, or anyone else, “safer.”  That, in fact, it is increasing terrorism everywhere - But what has this administration been saying since before April?!?  That the war is succeeding, that the war is making us, and everyone else, safer, that anyone who says it isn't, is “supporting the terrorists,” - and just wrong.

Well - Now we know - once again - they knowingly lied, and they are knowingly lying still - - -

I wonder - Is America, also again, going to continue to “allow” them to get away with it?

Now - Seriously - Think about just how really bad this has to be, for the agents to force the MSM to report this, by using coordinated-multiple leaks, rather than the non-corporately controlled independent media.  This is Bush's own restructured agencies, and agents, from all 16 of our major intelligence agencies - reporting that their “boss” - the Bush Administration - is openly, and knowingly, lying to us all, and that the lie is dangerous in the extreme.

November 7th is just six weeks away.  The voting booths of all 50 states are still filled with the proven purposefully corrupted/corruptible e-voting machines, just waiting to destroy what is left of our American Constitutional Democracy. . .

Don't take my word for it - I'm just an American, like you.  I'm not a reporter or journalist.  I'm just a an old retired American that has been paying attention.  The proof of this administration's proven agenda of profits over anything and everything, over the health of our environment, over the security of our nation, over the lives of our troops, (whom are our fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, husbands, and wives, et al,) over our children's education and health, over a sane balance of power, over the need for all of us to be “united,” over the lives of thousands of innocents worldwide, etc. - is more than easy to find today. If you are reading this - Then you have the ways and means to find the proof for yourself.  Discover it on your own, and do something, even if that “something” is nothing more than defending, and spreading the truth, in word and deed.

This is not a time of “just politics,” or “get over it,” or “there's nothing I can do.” or “they're all the same,” - - This is a time of true danger to our Constitutional Democracy, a danger that has never before in our nation's history reached this level - - It is not bombast to say that apathy at this time is indefensible, is self-destructive, is tantamount to disaster, and insane.

For links concerning the e-voting situation. . .  See This Link.

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Nothing else at this time. . .


At 9/28/2006 9:56 AM, Blogger Kay Dennison said...

I've been meaning to visit here for quite some time and somehow kept getting sidetracked. I'm glad I finally got here! What you have said here is important and correct. It's time we woke up and paid attention to the travesties our government is committing across the board. Apathy isn't going to cure this. Unfortunately, I'm finding it difficult to tell the good guys from the bad guys. For the 38 years I've been voting, I've been left too often with a choice between Tweedledumb & Tweedledumber. How do we combat that?

At 10/02/2006 10:36 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have had you linked for some time but never commented before. good post you have made, I'm sorry I have limited time these days to take in fully all you have wrote or talk right now, but you are also a thinker.


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