Thursday, November 09, 2006

Last Night Nancy Pelosi Said. . .

Democrats Not Out For Revenge - Good - But Punishment Isn't Revenge.
by The Old Hippie, Because to “Allow” them to go unpunished would be insanely bad governing.


I believe Pelosi's offer of no revenge is good commonsense governing - But if that also means to not punish, to not try to return the trillions of dollars openly stolen from our treasury by obvious corporatists war-profiteering criminals, and to not clean “our” federal regulatory agencies of their openly destructive profiteering corporatist criminals, and their ideological sycophants, from control of “our” domestic, social, foriegn, environmental, and scientific governmental agencies - To not do these actions, would be an act of insanity, especially after the “stated loud mandate” that this mid-term election rout is shouting into the faces of those we just elected - And the next election is just two years away.

A nation's willingness to punish politicians, et al, proven to be criminal, in open transparent public trials in non-partisan independent courts - Is a sign of a strong free constitutional democracy, and a proof of the strength of a government of laws, not of men - And not a myth.

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If you agree - Tell Ms. Pelosi, and your representatives in the House and Senate, and your local leaders - Because, if you don't - You know from proven experience, they won't.

Take a breath, do a jig of victory - “We” woke them up, and they woke them up - The American people are fired up right now - We must push the politicians more so now to do the right thing.  Correct what can be corrected, mitigate what can't be, and sanely stop the war - But do not forget to urge, and/or demand commonsense sane constructive punishment of those that criminally caused so much death, and destruction - for the “glory” of unfettered profits.  Trillions of dollars brazenly/sneeringly stolen from the American people, and fed directly, by the billions upon billions, into the pockets of “their few,” through what has already been proven to be blatantly illegal no-bid contracts, and to us in the reality-based citizenry a proven detriment of this nation, it's peoples' health, wealth, environment, jobs, national security, and hope.  As much of those monies as is possible must be returned to the Federal Treasury, as soon as legally possible.

If that money is not returned to our Federal Treasury. . .  They will have won anyway, even if impeached, even if imprisoned - They will have won - Anyway - and we will have no one to blame but ourselves.  Right? - - - Right?!?


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