Saturday, March 03, 2007

Privatization. . .

One Word - “Privatization” - Caused The Problems At Walter Reed
by The Old Hippie Because The “Allowed” Privatization Has Caused Most All Of Our Problems

Proof that privatization was/is the problem at Walter Reed Hospital is the reason for the Army's controlling corporatists not “allowing” Gen. George Weightman to testify to the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, as noted in the Army Times, and is also clearly exposed in this CNN video report.

Note:  It's an ex-senior Halliburton official, Al Neffgen, the CEO of the private corporation, IAP-Worldwide Services, (the corporation that couldn't seem to deliver the ice to the Katrina victims, after they got paid, and were never punished for it,)  that is the corporation that took over, (privatized,) almost all of Walter Reed's support services, with a $120-million contract, and is now being exposed as the source of almost all of the problems at Walter Reed - Watch the above linked CNN video, if you have any doubts.  And most important - Don't let it go - Pound your representatives about it.

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As I've said many times in this blog - They keep smacking you in the face with the evidence, and you, (America,) keep “allowing” them to get away with it - - -

And as I've begun to say more, and more, of late, in a screeching voice becoming horse with outraged fatigue. . .  “Wake The Fuck Up!”  Simply doesn't convey the urgency of it anymore.


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