Friday, April 27, 2007

Too Many Still Don't Understand.

I Don't Think America Gets It Yet - It's Not Freedom, Liberty, Security, Oil, Power, God, Country, Class, Culture, Or Democracy - It's Money.
by The Old Hippie Because You (America) Keep Emphasizing Everything Else.

It's not that everything else isn't important - It is - But it is the importance of the “everything else” that is being used/manipulated to hide the importance of the impact of the theft itself.  The simple theft, including its complex effects, is the cause, but it is also the reason for everything else's importance.


They are not incompetent, or stupid.  They are/were very successful at what they do/did - Which was to steal almost the entire wealth, and the control of the wealth, of this nation.  They have already accomplished it quite well.  So well in fact, they are still being “allowed” the continuation of the theft as I write this.  They are not war-mongers, they are uber-profits-mongers.  Thieves.  They have proven that they were/are very efficient and capable in their theft.  By accumulating the wealth, and their power of the control of the wealth, they have also proven their competent abilities in not only taking over

full control of what use to be our governmental structures, in both the foreign policy and domestic arenas, but also in the consolidation and control of the nation's media - Simply by burying the importance of the theft, and the importance of the theft's profit's power to control, under the “importance” of the constructed misdirections, under the created and manipulated fears, under the disguising of the intuitive placement of their sycophants, under the purposeful, (and quite competent,) blatant lies, and finally under the carefully produced misinformational delusion of the appearance that they care.

If you’re an American that’s still giving the thieves the benefit of the doubt, or you can't accept or believe that they simply don't care, or you think it has something to do with anything other than the money/profits/wealth, then you really haven't been paying attention, and you are the problem.

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[The following is updated commentary from one of my earlier postings.]

After the 2002 mid-term elections, and especially when America “re-elected” this administration in 2004, I lost almost all of my optimism - I was simply dumbfounded that my nation would allow what was obviously a 2nd openly corrupted national election to be accepted, after allowing an illegal aggressive war on a nation that had not attacked, and was of absolutely no threat to us whatsoever, after allowing the guilty to go completely unpunished when the lies were exposed, and the new lies about the original lies were also exposed, to all Americans... after the exposure of the take-over of all of “our” governmental agencies by the corporatists was exposed and allowed to be left uncorrected and unpunished, after the openly and sneeringly arrogant corruption of the ruling party was exposed, after the illegal cover up of the realities of global warming and other environmental sciences’ realities that conflicted with their profits-over-everything-else was allowed to remain uncorrected and unpunished, after the exposure that the military-industrial-corporations, the energy/extractive corporations, the ag-chem corporations, the pharmaceutical, et al, corporations actually do share many members of their boards of directors with the boards of all of the eight mainstream corporate media corporations, that also cross-share board members and control almost all of “our” informational media, the so-called fourth branch of “our” government, and that all of these corporations have been allowed to remain uncorrected, after the obvious theft by war-profiteering was fully exposed, and proven to lead all the way up through this criminal administration to the even the president’s family, has been allowed to remain unpunished, and that impeachment may be allowed to not even be possible. . .  All of that, and so much more that has also become exposed reality of late - All of it to this very hour still allowed to be uncorrected and unpunished. . .  “Dumbfounded” just doesn't cover it anymore.  Really frustratingly angry might come closer.

But then the mid-term elections of 2006 happened - An unexpected correction.  My optimism soared!  But here it is, March 17th, 2007, 4½ months, [now April 27th and nothing has changed yet,] past that election, and all of it is still being allowed to continue to go on...  uncorrected and unpunished.  It was not enemies from without that did this to us - It was the allowing of our enemies from within - We, all of us, did allow this to happen ourselves, and to the undeserving rest of the planet.

To be quite honest, I believe they, the rest of the planet’s citizens, have every right to do all that they can to stop, to correct, and to rationally punish, what we Americans have allowed our, (now obvious to even ourselves,) arrogantly corrupt, illegal, and deadly government to inflict upon them.

Does this mean I’ve given up on the possibility of saving my “America” from these criminals?  No.  But I am no longer naive.  I know the American government’s constitutional democracy’s systems have been broken in many bad, maybe irreparable, ways.  But I also know that bad political opportunistic conspiracies can be defeated in many historically proven ways - I will continue to fight them, as long as I am “allowed” to - And I think quite realistically, if the corporatists’ aren’t stopped, not just in this nation, but worldwide, then this planet’s human soul is doomed.


At 4/27/2007 2:43 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah but did you see American Idol the other night?? ;)

At 5/02/2007 6:17 AM, Blogger citizenbfk said...

Very powerful words. Right on. I agree with you totally.

So now what do we do?

Maybe these ideas will make sense.

If you live in one of those states where you could start a petition drive to Recall a Republican governor, that would be great. Or maybe you know someone who lives in one of those states?


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