Thursday, November 01, 2007

As Bad As It Is Already. . .

It Will Get Far “Doomier and Gloomier,” Due To Your “Allowing.”
by The Old Hippie Because You “Allow” Them To Increasingly Fuck You - Without Revolt.

Just two “reality checks,” both well worth your time.  First up is a video, (only 5:14,) from - “Collateral23-And the Prize Goes To...” concerning Dr. James E. Hansen's research into the reality of global warming.  Second is an article, by George Minbiot, one of my favorite journalist at the Guardian UK, concerning a novel, (“The Road”) about a thought experiment into just how bad your current “allowing” will take us all.

{-The Way Many Picture Me-}

Those two links by themselves are a start, but don't stop there, don't just yawn and “turn the page...”  Do some real investigation on your own using this last bastion of free-flow-information - the internet, before the corporatists that fear its freedom are allowed to get suppressing control of your ability to view it, or the thought-experiment novel discussed above will, (not could, nor maybe...) become of our collective reality.  [Hyperbole?  Bombast?]

“Reality of Interest” (in the sidebar to the right,) list several excellent reality-based postings within this blog to help you to expand your own ongoing investigations into your current politically-spun and “allowed” reality.

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