Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Ultimate Reality. . .

The Transference Of Wealth Is What Is Behind Everything Else - Period.
by The Old Hippie Because You “Allow” Them To Increasingly Fuck You - Without Revolt.

Not that facts will matter, as the facts of the reality of wealth transference as been around since long before the robber barons of the late 1800's.  It has been repeated over, and over, throughout the written history of human society.  Now, here in my America, it has reached it's zenith.  The only difference this time, there has been no backlash revolution by the “lower 99%” - Yet.  Maybe because most don't realize that the damage to their lives has already happened, maybe the damage isn't smacking them in the face - yet.

{-The Way Many Picture Me-}

The following links will help those that don't know the facts, that don't understand the damage...  Of course a very large segment of the “lower 99%” doesn't bother to read this blog, or similar progressive, liberal, independent, reality-based, or non-corporate info sources, for many reasons - Some simply don't have the time because of their daily struggle to make ends meet, many don't because they've been told not to, (dittoheads, big-church sheeple, et al,) and there are those that simply, irrationally, refuse to accept facts, or are too afraid of the facts to face them.  But I present the links anyway, in the hope that maybe a few more will see them, absorb them. . .

And maybe even “react” to the facts of their ultimate reality?

The Links:    Facts Link #1  -  Facts Link #2  -  Facts Link #3  -  Facts Link #4  -  Facts Link #5

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[The following is a comment, (for the article of the 1st facts link above,) by “amacd”
I was going to mention “GINI”,” but he did it well.  The bold emphasis, and { } are mine.]

The ‘gold standard’ for serious economic analysis of inequality is the GINI Coefficient Index (which, BTW, is never mentioned by the corporate controlled MSM (main-scam-media) here in ‘Vichy America’.

The GINI Index runs from 0 (where there is no income or wealth inequality) to 1 (where all income or wealth is distributed to just one person).

Interestingly, on the GINI Index of income inequality the US sits at 0.46 {sic: actually 0.45} (and rising fast) along with other high inequality countries such as: Argentina, China, Cameroon, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Iran, Kenya, Malaysia, Niger, Nigeria, New Guinea, Peru, Philippines, Uruguay, and quite a bit higher in inequality than the oligarchy of Russia.  However the US currently retains a ‘bit’ less income inequality than a few anti-democratic banana republics, oil monarchies, and dictatorships such as: Bolivia (where they have ‘privatized’ water), Botswana, Chile, Colombia, El Salvador, Guatemala (where Rommey’s illegal immigrant yard workers came from), Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Sierra Leone, South Africa.  Zambia, and the worker paradise of Zimbabwe.

Unfortunately, the US GINI Index (of 0.46) {sic: actually 0.45} is ‘off the charts with respect to ANY of the worlds’ industrialized democracies —- all of which like all of Europe and Japan have very low GINI inequality indexes in the 0.20’s to low 0.30’s.

This is doubly unfortunate, because our own CIA, in their ‘Country Factbook’ warns that, “countries with a GINI Indexes above 0.45 of income inequality are subject to ‘civil unrest’ and revolution”.

[Note: All of the above GINI Index figures are taken from the following source, in which the US figure is for 2004. While there is no GINI data for the US in 2007 — not that the MSM would mention it anyway —- the current US GINI Coefficient has probably climbed even closer to Zimbabwe, in the low 0.50’s].

Another point which renowned economist Paul Krugman has made repeatedly is that even the mention of the “top 1%, at a threshold of $364,000 income” which the MSM uses when they mention anything about this subject is itself a bit of a ‘cover-up’ and defusing of the issue.  Krugman notes that the real obscenity in income inequality is really hidden in the data for the top 1/10th of 1% or 1/100th of 1%, where the real ruling-elite of only 13,000 families hide at their twenty, thirty, and fifty million per year averages.


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