Monday, November 26, 2007

Yep -

This Week's, “Couldn't Have Said It Better Myself...” Article.
by William Rivers Pitt, whom also speaks with a unique clarity.

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Mr. Pitt opens with a Hunter S. Thompson quote, “Fear is just another word for ignorance.”  And that is a truism.  But I do have to admit...  I truly fear my nation's citizenry's ignorances of their own “allowing” fears, apathy, arrogance, unjustified hubris, and/or denial.  It is a fear that has gone from bad, worse, worst, and Mr. Pitt's “beyond,” to something more than the simple abstract fear of political consequences, to a real fear for myself, my family's, my friend's, and my nation's, survival, and not to mention this planet's human-friendly environmental sustainability.

What takes me to Mr. Pitt's “beyond,” concerning this “the-sky-is-falling!” Chicken Little doom-and-gloom fear, is that so many others, a lot more knowledgeable than myself... also see it, feel it, and are expressing it, it being this fear of this nation's ignorances of its own self-destruction that has now been “allowed” to reach “beyond” any sane boundary of rational acceptance.

For so much that is now irreparable...  “Wake the fuck up!” is simply too late now.

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Did you miss the video “Below The Fold” in the previous posting?  Don't.  Go watch it now - Here is the direct link to it.

It is 3/4 of an hour long, so do give yourself a block of quality time to give it the attention it, and you, need to absorb its displayed reality.


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