Wednesday, January 16, 2008

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My Comment, In Response To The Following Excellent Article...
by The Old Hippie Concerning Bob Higgins’ Article at The Smirking Chimp.

“The "Founding Fathers" on Religion, and Crackpots - Part one: Franklin”

[ You should link to and read it first.  And now, my comment in response... ]

Read They, the high percentage of conned-born-again-evangelical-whack jobs simply don’t read/watch the reality-based media or history at all, as instructed to not do by their pa$tor$/con-men big-church leaders.

The pa$tor$ of the mega-churches know they have won the grandest con of all, outside of the corporatist aristocracy’s profitable rape of the national treasury, and neither group can abide their masses obtaining the knowledge of their own self-destruction.

Otherwise the profitable cons of both would fail.

Throughout the history of America, both were pretty much un-successful, until the late 1800’s, when a court reporter successfully reversed the decision of the Supreme Courts judges and turned corporations into “citizens” with the full rights of a human citizen, in the infamous... (and I quote...)

118 U.S. 394 - Argued January 26-29, 1886
Filed May 10, 1886
  [ Detailed Filing/Article Link ]

Editor's notes: There has been much misunderstanding about this Court decision.  Despite the issue being raised in arguments, the Justices offered no written opinion on the question of whether corporations should be considered "persons" and enjoy the protections of the 14th Amendment.  The Court reporter's notes, however, quoted Chief Justice Waite declaring that, "We all are of the opinion" that the 14th Amendement applies to corporations.

Many people (rightfully) are outraged that a Court reporter could turn the Bill of Rights and 14th Amendment on their heads, which effectively is what occurred once Santa Clara was cited as precedent in subsequent cases.  However, the fact that the Justices never issued an opinion on "corporate personhood" lost its legal significance once they cited the case.

(end quote)

From that point on, it’s been basically a downward roller-coaster ride for American citizen’s rights and education, and a profitable growth of corporatist profiteering and “Christian” profiteering, both being synergistically bound together in their need to dumb-down the masses to keep their profits growing.

There was only one time that this duo of profiteering Borg, and their sycophantic minions failed for a while.  Right after WWII through to 1980, when Regan was elected.  that short 35-odd years was a time of a strong middle-class, and the hope of an educated mass citizenry - - But because of the 1886 un-corrected purposeful mistake of making corporations people/citizens, the un-ending Borg-like maneuverings never ceased.  They both continued to carve away at the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and public mass education... That interfered with the flow of the profits to both the aristocracy and the mega-church pa$tor$.

The tipping point for both began with the Regan administration’s destruction of the middle-class through the break down of unions and the beginning of the movement of our manufacturing base to 3rd world nations, and solidified in Clinton/Gore administration’s DLC’s move to the corporate right-of-center with NAFTA/GATT, their so called welfare reforms, and the “War on Drugs.”

Then came this born-again/corporatist wet dream... The Bush administration, led by the delusional neo-cons.

“Deregulation.”  They were able to, quite successfully, place their sycophants throughout the entirety of the American governmental structures, and to use them to be allowed to completely reverse 220+ years hard fought for protections for us from their ilk.

They won.  And as the democrats in congress has proven since the 2006 mid-terms elections...

Resistance is futile.  Bummer.

But hey - As Huffington Post states, American Idol is Back!  With musical instruments(!) no less!  So vote for the DLC’s sycophant Hillary, or the too-close-to-the-money Obama, forget about anti-corporatist and anti-war-profiteering reality-based Edwards and Kucinich... (that the corporatist controlled media has also been allowed to successfully make “invisible” to the de-regulated masses.)

Or {y-a-w-n} ...just change the channel.


= = = = = = = = = = = = = = =  <  B e l o w  T h e  F o l d  >  = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = 

And to answer...  Wrong.

Stop the “allowing” - Anyway you can.

Wake the fuck up!  Is quite possibly too late now - But it may not be -


Even though Obama would be better than any of the republicans, even republican-lite Hillary would be, but I have this strange feeling our only real hope left at this point is Edwards.  Support his election, and ignore the MSM’s purposeful ignoring/marginalization of him.


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