Friday, January 11, 2008

Think, Damn It...

Why Do You Think “Our” MSM Has Done All It Can To Stop Edwards?
by The Old Hippie Because They Definitely Do Not Want Him To Have Control.

Have you already forgotten that 118 members of the boards of directors of the, (now just,) 6 corporations that control “our” mainstream media, are also members of the boards of the military industrial complex corporations, extractive energy corporations, HMO/pharmaceutical corporations, ag-chem corporations, et al...?!?  As was reported by Project Censored just this past year...

Here’s a reminder...  “...researchers at California’s Sonoma State University took a close look at the resumes of the 118 people who sit on the boards of directors of America’s ten largest media organizations.  The research team is part of the Project Censored, which for nearly three decades has been exposing journalistic self-censorship — “the news that didn’t make the News.”  They determined that the group of 118 board members in turn sit on the boards of 288 other major corporations.  They also discovered that eight out of the ten media behemoths share common memberships in each other’s boardrooms.”

Source Link:  “Board to Death”

Our allies’ media has noted it though, (the purposeful marginalization of Edwards.)  e.g. in the UK's Guardian (in their Business section,) in this January 11, 2008 article...

“U.S. corporate elite fear candidate Edwards”  Go read it now, and think, damn it.

{-The Way Many Picture Me-}

Oh wait...  Silly me...  They have already proven they are capable of fooling the majority (or at least enough,) of Americans, for the majority of the time.  Most from the opposing side, (which I define as any “citizen” that is politically apathetic, a denial dittohead, a born-again whack job fundamentalist, a corporate sycophant, and/or any American that refuses to absorb the reality of the corporatist take-over of our government for any reason,) that even bothers to come here, have probably already quit reading, and/or didn't burden their beautiful minds by actually reading the Guardian's reality-based article.

Wake the fuck up, and think, damn it...  is definitely...
too little...  and quite possibly...  too late...

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Not a lot to say - Right? - Wrong.  Get pissed off - enough - do something... anything... That will help you to help America stop it’s (purposely manipulated,) self-destruction.

If you haven’t done it so far, go watch...  → “Zeitgeist - The Movie”  ←  now.

If you doubt anything in the movie’s presentation -{you aren’t stupid}- look it up, since you are reading this, you have access to any/all of the search engines to do the research necessary to disprove or verify anything yourself.  Do it.  Now.

Otherwise - Please don’t bother me, as I simply don’t respond to trolls, and I do openly censor any sycophantic diatribe, and those that respond to it.


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