Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Go Ahead. . .

Just Keep “Allowing” - Keep Denying The Realities - It’s Not Like It’s Actually Getting Worse - Much Worse - Blatantly And Faster.
by This Old Hippie Because The Sky IS Falling...

“A nation without the will, the courage, to revolt - is a nation doomed, and revolting.”

The Corporatists Say to America: ‘Give us the $700 Billion, or else...’
They demand that it be given to them - without regulation, without question, without any means to take them to court, in short - ‘Give us the money, and shut up.’  And you will allow ‘your representatives’ to do it.  Without any real protest, or revolt, as you have for
the entire history of this current sneeringly criminal administration.

The Melting Of The Arctic Permafrost - Is Real - Is Happening - And It Is Bad...
Giga Tons of CO2 and methane are being released, right now, and it’s rate of release is increasing.  Not that you would do anything to mitigate it, or do something ‘revolting’ to stop the corporatists... that are causing this to happen, through proven man-made global warming effects of their criminal profiteering.  At least you haven’t done anything real to stop them yet, except support their manufactured and purposeful denial - Right? - Even
as the reality ‘bubbles out’ of the melting permafrost.

Oh Come On - Admit It -  You’re denying the reality of this right now - Aren’t you?
Even though every single criminally profiteering lie, and every single prediction of the global warming effects and affects - has been proven, and proven to be happening more blatantly, and the global warming proven to be happening at an increasingly faster rate than all of the predictions so far.  This is not happening in some abstract future - It is happening now.  And you know it is all undeniable, that it is your immediate reality...

But for some unfathomable reason, you simply can’t find the will - nor courage - To revolt.

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Found this appropriate video at Crooks and Liars - Enjoy...


At 9/24/2008 2:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

the problem is
everyone feels alone its not that people are not angry
for the past 8 years we have been taught not to trust anyone or anything (see bush)
isolated and alone with fear it is hard to fathom what one could do.

E UNUM PLURBUS??? Walk the streets with a sign???


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