Wednesday, November 26, 2008

It’s 1993 All Over Again...

It Seems We Deluded Ourselves - Again - There’s No “Real” Change.
by The Old Hippie Because It Seems, Except for Bill and Al, It’s 1993 again.
{-The Way Many Picture Me-}

I haven’t had a lot to say since the election.  Like most of the rest of the sane, rational, and reality-based, not only here in America, but all around the planet, we now watch, read, observe...  It is turning out that we were actually, once again, deluded into having hope of real change.  “Yes we can,” is becoming... “Yes we were.”  Obama’s appointments are a hard smack of reality in the face of a mandated, demanded, change by the center-left masses.

Minus Bill & Al, (and Hillary having more power at State,) this ‘administration-of-change’ is the Clinton '93 through '01 administration.  An administration that is Wall Street’s, and the corporatists’ best hope of no-change - A DLC center-right slap-in-the-face to the people who elected them.

Granted, anything, any appointment, is better than what a McCain/Palin administration would have become, but this Obama/Biden administration is fast becoming the least anticipated outcome by we who elected them.  It’s a DLC wet dream.  The most corporate-friendly and pro-Wall Street, (and least trusted,) arm of the Democratic party are being ‘appointed’ into positions of power openly, blatantly, and without any signs of worrying about not being allowed to get away with it.

It’s still early, but the appointments are beyond telling.  Here are supporting links...

Past and Present - The Nation, 11/24

GOP senators hail Obama's economic team - The Hill, 11/25

Dissecting Obama’s New Economic Team & Stimulus Plan - Democracy Now!, 11/25

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The following is reprised and updated from an earlier posting...

If you do not understand that both major American parties, the Republicans and the Democrats, are to the right of the "lower 99.9%" of Americans’ wants and needs - The Republicans being obviously much-much further to the right than the Democrats - Then you are doomed to be manipulated - - - As you have been since before the Republican-era of the robber barons and their purposeful Great Depression, and more specifically since they put Reagan in the Oval office.

The last eight years have been a real “kick-in-the-teeth” lesson, haven't they?  For over 60 years after the Republicans last had power to steal the nation blind, during the robber barons era, the American people simply did not let them (the Republicans) have power again - But then, like so many peoples in history, their children and grandchildren “forgot”... Then the thieves of the-very-few got their sycophants back in power with the Reagan administration, and the cycle of robbing the nation blind began again, only this time the effects and affects of their greed had/has more than national consequences - They had/have global consequences - Environmentally in particular.

The damages caused by these past eight years of blatant, sneering, sociopathic greed by the Republicans-run-amok, is, in many areas, already beyond ‘mitigation,’ much less fixable.

The saddest part?  The very-few got the money, and they will again be “allowed” to keep it.  [Update: They still are stealing - The ‘bailout’ - Pay attention.]

If the nation survives, (and considering how successfully they've ‘dumbed-down’ the masses since Reagan, it is debatable,) I wonder how long it will be before the American people again ‘forget,’ and again ‘allow’ the Republicans to have uncontrolled [deregulated] control of the governmental structures, and uncontrolled [deregulated] access to the treasury, again?  Three generations?  Possibly two?  One?  Do you even care?

[Update - 11/26]  Now we have the Obama/Biden administration, which is quickly proving to be the Clinton/Gore administration in disguise, blatantly leading us down the dangerously cautious center-right path of corporate/Wall Street friendly destruction... once again.

I wonder if this too will be “allowed.”  ( s-i-g-h. . . )


At 11/29/2008 1:42 AM, Blogger A Proud Liberal said...

The Glimmer of Hope that was Obama seems to be a candle in the wind, a wind of right blowing hurricanes. Clinton/Gore retreads are bad enough but the rumor that Gates will be kept as Defense Secretary is downright demoralizing. Hillary at State can be taken to be Lincoln-like; he did form his cabinet from former opponents. He did not however take on Jefferson Davis' Secretary of War as his own. Can we all say SCREWED AGAIN!


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