Sunday, November 16, 2008

Observing The Obvious...

The Corporatist Media Seems More Desperate Of Late, And Still Lying...
by This Old Hippie Because The ‘Facts’ Are Not What The ‘MSM’ Is Currently Spewing...

We all know that 1/2 of this nation can still be easily manipulated in what to believe is reality.

It has become very obvious to all the rest of us, at least those of us that still read books, and openly pay attention, that America’s corporatist media is attempting to convince that other 1/2 of citizens that our nation is right-centered, when the proven opposite is reality.  For just one small example, the Sunday talk shows this week?  12 republicans/right-wing, 3 democrats/left-wing.  But they know 1/2 will not see the manipulation, and that many of that 1/2 will simply, non-critically, believe them.

But we, the other 1/2, are not silent, we read, watch, research, speak, type, harp, yell, pester, and shove the truth forward - “Speak truth to power” - We know how very powerful the controlled media within this nation is.  We will not “shut up” as the O’Reilly’s want.  This election, with its repudiation of the GOP, and its rejection of the corporatists controllers, proves, (mandates?,) that our Constitutional Democracy is not down for the count after all.

There is so much to correct, to repair, to punish - I'm not sure it can be done by one administration in four years, or even if much of it, (i.e. the environment,) can be ‘fixed.’  But this historic election has proven one strong fact - “The effort to try to”... will be able to continue.

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A“Below The Fold” bonus -FACT- article/video news... (reprised to remind.)

Is Posse Comitatus Dead?  US Troops on US Streets

In a barely noticed development, a US Army unit is now training for domestic operations under the control of US Army North, the Army service component of Northern Command.  An initial news report in the Army Times newspaper last month noted that in addition to emergency response the force “may be called upon to help with civil unrest and crowd control.”  The military has since claimed the force will not be used for civil unrest, but questions remain.  We speak to Army Col. Michael Boatner, future operations division chief of USNORTHCOM, and Matthew Rothschild, editor of The Progressive magazine. [includes rush transcript]


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