Monday, January 05, 2009

What More Can One Say?

You Allowed It All America, And You Still Are.
Plus - You Allowed All The Thieves To Keep The Money.

The one thing this Bush Administration has proven, in abundance...
is that the old adage “crime doesn’t pay” is a joke in America.
They succeeded in the largest theft of a national treasury in history.


I wish there was some way to convey the anger I have toward the allowing of the theft, and the continued allowing now, and the lack of the will to even really investigate, much less try and punish, the ‘wealth transfer’ criminals.

Note my anger is not at the criminals per se, but rather at the “allowers,” the so called “citizens” of this nation, that just continue to allow their own self-destruction, that continue to allow the ongoing theft, that in the end, are everything the thieves knew them to be.  Don't get me wrong, I am really angry at the criminals also, just no where near the degree I am at my fellow allowing “citizens.”  Not a lot more to say - Right?

Not to be redundant, but I have to wonder...  Why are you still allowing it to continue?

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Since there’s not a lot more to say, I won't say any more... For now.


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