Thursday, July 23, 2009

Even More Reality. . .

Why Does My Nation Keep Proving The Thieves Correct About Us...?
by The Old Hippie Because So Many, Way Too Many, Are Still, Insanely, “Allowing”...

  -  “Big Media Interlocks With Corporate America”
      How can you “know,” without following the evidence?

  -  They Rule
      A unique, and excellent, interactive "Boards of Directors" mapping site, do try
      to spend a lot of quality time there, and you will learn.  Really.

  -  “Intelligent Design’s Latest Sneaky Assault On Science”
      The ‘comments’ to this article are an education within themselves - Enjoy.

by Jim Morin

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A“Below The Fold” Bonus (Video) Article -

Torturing Democracy
by Bill Moyers, aired May 29, 2009 on PBS

The documentary TORTURING DEMOCRACY tells the story of how the United States government circumvented tradition and law to adopt torture as official policy.  The film, produced by award-winning filmmaker Sherry Jones, draws on interviews, archival footage, and recently declassified documents to piece together the development and dissemination of torture tactics from Bagram in Afghanistan to Guantanamo Bay and Abu Ghraib -- and the document trail leads right to the top of the chain of command.

[ Above title is the direct link to the full video of the documentary. ]


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