Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Those That Are. . .

Telling It Like It Is In Reality, Not As We Hope It is.
Because, Quite Often, The Exposed Reality spotlights Hope’s Dangerous Delusions.

  -  The 'Tea Party' Nexus:
      ...empowering far-right extremists who want a new civil war. and conservative interests are ginning up these protests,
      but they're doing so by empowering the extremists from the fringe.

  -  Red-Baiting and Racism
      a key point has been missed, and it’s this point that best explains
      what the red-baiting is really about. It’s not socialism or capitalism.

  -  ‘Evil and Orwellian’
      America's Right Turns Its Fire on the National Health Service.
 Your Right

by Jim Morin

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A“Below The Fold” bonus - “Your Moment of Zen” video of the Week...
From the most astute folks at, and GRIT tv...
[Reprised for those that missed it the first time.]

Watch and Enjoy. . .
“Is the unflagging popularity of reality television a sign of the entertainment industry’s relentless reliance on producing fodder for the lowest common denominator—or a symptom, as Truthdig columnist Chris Hedges argues in this clip from “GRITtv With Laura Flanders,” of a society in serious moral decline?”


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