Saturday, August 01, 2009

Those That Are. . .

Telling It Like It Is In Reality, Not As We Hope It is.
Because, Quite Often, The Exposed Reality spotlights Hope’s Dangerous Delusions.

  -  Consciousness Capitalism:
      “Corporations Are Now After Our Very Beings”
      Capitalism has raped the resources of the world.  Now corporations
      are left to strip human experience from life, then rent it back to us.

  -  Calling the Republicans’ Bluff On Health Care Reform
      Rachel Maddow talks to Rep. Anthony Weiner, who forced the
      Republicans to vote on an amendment abolishing Medicare.

  -  “Capitalism:  A Love Story”
      “It will be the perfect date movie.  Lust, passion, romance...”
 Your Right

by Lee Judge

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A“Below The Fold” bonus - “Your Moment of Zen” video of the Week...
From the most astute folks at

Watch and Enjoy. . .
“Is the unflagging popularity of reality television a sign of the entertainment industry’s relentless reliance on producing fodder for the lowest common denominator—or a symptom, as Truthdig columnist Chris Hedges argues in this clip from “GRITtv With Laura Flanders,” of a society in serious moral decline?”


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