Monday, January 11, 2010

Absolutely. . .

The Best “Comment” To An Article To Date...
by ‘amacd’, aka Alan MacDonald of Sanford, Maine

First, The article:
“The Other Plot to Wreck America”
by Frank Rich at the NYT.

Do read it - And now, ‘Absolutely. . .  The Best “Comment” To Date...’:

amacd January 10th, 2010 1:07 pm
It's encouraging to see Frank Rich, if not the NYT in general, becoming more candid and forthright in 'outing' the back-story --- and bringing it into the light as a public front-story.

Such shining of light and public exposure of the shadowy back-story, the institutionalized deceptions of our government and our media are essential --- and it is essential and necessary for broad understanding (even if less interesting than reading more complete exposures from the likes of Chomsky, Hedges, Chalmers Johnson, Kolko, Korten, Bacevich, etc) that a broader spectrum of the American public be informed of the empire in the back-story coming forward.

The Sunday Breakfast Menu for the discerning diner of this Sunday’s ‘shows’ was the back-story quickly coming forward in public to become the front-story.

The escalating back-story of the Obama presidency (and of all presidencies since JFK), of course, is the hidden reality of the ‘national security state’, the ‘shadow government’, the “Secret Team” (as Fletcher Prouty calls it), or the ruling-elite Global corporate/financial/militarist Empire behind this two-party ‘Vichy’ façade of a democratic America (as I call it).

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This back-story was coming to the foreground in spades on all the Sunday shows today for several reasons:

1. The ‘national security state’ non-uniformed CIA (as well as its senior uniformed military actors) has been putting Obama in a box, or “putting him in a fix” (as LeMay said of JFK during the Cuban Missile Crisis) since he took office, and this ‘shot across his bow’ has already caused Obama to ‘put a shot across their bow’ --- which he did during his Nobel acceptance speech by quoting JFK’s very public articulation and attack on this hidden empire, with his own American University commencement address on June 22, 1963 (just five months before his assassination).

2. The media enabled deception of an ‘imperial presidency’ harking back to FDR, JFK, and continuing to Reagan and Clinton --- in which a supposedly strong and undisputed ‘civilian leader’ moves the country progressively forward, with hope and change, toward a ‘new dawn’ or other imagined progress for average citizens --- has now so obviously collapsed as a front-story that the American people are left confused, and are suspicious about some rational back-story existing that would better explain the reality that they see every day in both foreign and domestic policy failures.

3. The complicit media’s difficulty and unwillingness in resolving this increasingly obvious incongruity between the apparent public power of the presidency (and Congress) and their actual powerlessness to steer the ship of state has been increasingly addressed by a growing number of elite moderate academics like Andrew Bacevich and the NYT’s former Christopher Hedges (rather than only those viewed as radical leftists like Chomsky and Chalmers Johnson).  Therefore the back-story of powerful ‘national security state’ and economic forces is coming into the public discourse broadly enough to potentially discredit the MSM silence (if not complicity) regarding such shadowy empire.

4. Both the ineffective, militarist, foreign policy sphere, and the inequality of the domestic economic policy sphere of this ‘hopeful’ civilian government that the citizens have voted heavily in favor of for two election cycles, makes it doubly credible and believable to all average citizens (right and left) that there is a broad disconnect between their voting preferences and the reality of the political direction of what they still think of as ‘their country’.  Thus any truly public airing of debate, discussion, and discourse about what is in the way and blocking actual achievement of progress will accrue an advantage to Obama and to portions of the media which help expose and resolve the hidden back-story.  (ie. it will make exciting journalism which might redeem the MSM).

For all of these reasons both Obama and some principled media are advantaged and well served by a public and open airing of the shadowy back-story, and by a confrontation that takes place out in the open --- out in the light. Such an open discussion, education, and ultimate confrontation about the collapsing back-story is, of course, precisely antithetical to the interests of those forces in the background, in a shadow government, in a ‘national security state’, and in an unaccountable ruling-elite corporate/financial/militarist Empire which might easily be shown to be frustrating the desires of the American public’s common good both domestically and abroad --- both in real security terms and in fair economic terms.

Specifically, ABC’s “This Week” highlighted JFK’s public and open comments about civilian / presidential control of all overt and covert military actions of the United States being constitutionally his responsibility, while several forum participants comparatively noted that it is essential to understand whether Obama is actually in charge of the national security apparatus, and Dr. Christina Romer noted that the financial empire in the U.S. seemed not to be responding to any public pressure --- even from the highest level of our civilian government (President Obama).

On FOX News Sunday, Senator Kyl actually said in discussing the Christmas airline bomb attempt that he was “thankful for the wake-up call” ---- a comment that will certainly further fan the flames of justifiable public suspicious that many of BOTH the security and economic ‘shock effects’ seem to be more likely to have been contrived by some large, extremely well funded, and shadowy hidden forces within a global empire than by a small, weak, disconnected, and poorly funded network of terrorists which is claimed to be able to wreck massive, world-wide, sophisticated, and coordinated strikes anywhere in the world --- despite having resources less than one billionth the level of either Wall Street or the US military in proudly proclaiming (and actually demonstrating) their respective spheres of delivering economic and military ‘shock and awe’ on such a world-wide basis.

Yes, I’m becoming more optimistic that Obama may well bring this discussion out in the open --- which is the only venue in which an aligned corporate/financial/militarist Empire would fear a confrontation.

Alan MacDonald
Sanford, Maine


Now - Do a truly radical thing for an American to do. . .  Think.


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