Saturday, November 02, 2013

Scariest Article of the Month. . .

Almost Two-Thirds of 18-29 Year Olds Believe in “Demon Possession”
What Is Happening to America?
by Bruce Wilson - October 30, 2013

“Aren’t those fringe beliefs?  Not really.  Not any more.

The outgoing Chair of the House Science Committee thinks global warming is a massive hoax perpetrated by scientists, to get funding, and claims humans can’t influence the weather, stating in 2011, “I don’t think we can control what God controls.”

A current Science Committee member thinks humans and dinosaurs cohabited the Earth and declares the Big Bang, evolution, and the science of embryology to be “lies straight from the pit of hell”.

Isn’t this just a case of a few misguided Republicans who somehow slipped through the cracks?  [Scary answer; No.]”

by Steve Benson

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As always with, this article is a damn good read, and an
excellent perspective of our shared Pax Americana reality.  Have you noticed
how many articles I link from  It’s because they do an
excellent job of allowing truth to be authority, rather than like FOX,
where authority is manipulatively displayed as truth.

And at sites like TomDisparch, Commondreams, Democracy Now!, et al, the “Comments”
section is quite often as enlightening as the article itself, sometimes even more so.


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