Saturday, September 18, 2004

Ahh. . .  Reality. . .

It's Like A Nightmare Bad-Trip/Twilight-Zone, But It's Reality.
by The Old Hippie - For This Blog

Almost all Americans today, even those who are purposely not "interested" in politics, know the reality of what America has become, in just a few short years, is not the America we grew-up in.
That America is gone.  The Democracy that stood up against the tyranny of the few, the Democracy that demanded freedom and liberty over private profits, the Democracy that protected itself, and its citizens, from the abuses of the power of greed, and the greed of power, the Democracy that spoke to its free citizens through a trusted and diverse free-media, the Democracy that stood up to the bullies of the world. . .  That Democracy - that America - is gone.

The honest and the sane-mature-knowledgeable talk about it and protest it, the opportunists lie about it and profit from it, and the fooled ignore it, while the ignorant and the truly stupid try to understand it. . . But all of us know - know - That the American Constitutional Democracy we grew-up in is gone.

It is the worst case scenario.  A small tight group of extremely rich opportunistic, criminally corrupt corporatists, together with another small tight group of insane ideological born-again fundamental religious zealots, many of which are in both groups, have successfully taken over America.  They have been able, in just a few short years, to disassemble almost all of the Democracy's protections, and replaced laws and regulations to "legally" protect their new America, to control the flow of information within our nation.  We all know it is true.  The Project for the New American Century has been quite successful - The reality is we now live in a "new" America - Which has become the opposite of the America the founders envisioned for us in the late 1700s.

We are now an aggressive imperialistic bully.  The most powerful one in the history of this planet.
And what scares me most, is the fact that so many "Americans" take deep pride and satisfaction in this fact.

Like so many Americans, I didn't really think I would live to see it happen, didn't really believe it could happen - But the tragic fact is it has happened.


At 9/18/2004 2:23 PM, Blogger The Old Hippie said...

Out of frustration and rising blood pressure I have recently been learning to tune it out when people tell they just aren't interested in what is happening today. So many stupid, uneducated remarks. They make decisions on what they want to believe, not reality and they don't want nayone to distort their verion of life. They want to hold onto their own fantasy if it kills them -and it just might if enough people don't stand up for their rights - or even just take an interest.

At 9/18/2004 4:11 PM, Blogger The Old Hippie said...

Actually the comment above ia by Sonni, not the old hippie.

At 9/19/2004 10:42 PM, Blogger Alan said...

I was listening to some truckers on a CB radio the other day and they were discussing the election. It is amazing how effective the mythology created by the fascist think tanks has been. One trucker said that the rich need the tax cuts so they can create more jobs and the other said that Kerry would coddle the terrorists. These guys probably get their information mainly from fascist radio programs since they're on the road all the time. It is truely like Germany in the thirties here. I used to think that the coming economic collapse would wake these people up but now I am not so sure with the enormous proganda machine that exists. If the economic collapse doesn't make these people see the light, then if you think things are bad now you ain't seen nothing yet. I have trouble imagining how bad it would be if the people don't wake up. It will be like a house of cards toppling with the wealthy taking over everything. There will be very few home owners everyone will have to lease their homes from the rich, because they won't be able to pay the property taxes ot their morgages, everything will decay. I can see foreigners buying up lots of property because the dollar will have collapsed and they can buy real cheap. We will become like India or some other third world country. Actually even worse since many third world countries have free healthcare like Brazil.

At 9/19/2004 10:45 PM, Blogger Alan said...

Here's what happens in real democracies:

Aus shuts door on Indian techies

ANI[ THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 16, 2004 04:21:49 PM ]
SYDNEY: Australia has reportedly decided to impose curbs on the
granting of temporary work visas to computer programmers from India,
China and Russia following opposition concerns over the high rate of
local unemployment in the technology sector.

The federal government's decision to clamp down on Indian, Chinese and
Russian computer programmers arriving in Australia was initiated after
Opposition IT spokeswoman Senator Kate Lundy raised objections to
local recruitment firms using the "457 (temporary) Visa" for importing
"cheap and skilled" labour from the above three countries.

"It is a reasonable assumption that the expansive use of ICT workers
from overseas here on temporary work visas over the last few years has
contributed to the ongoing, higher than average levels of unemployment
in the ICT sector," the Australian quoted Senator Lundy as saying
while recently unveiling the Labor Party's IT policies at a function
in Brisbane.

"That's why Labor believes that the sensitive and timely management of
Australia's temporary skilled migration programme is necessary," she

Admitting that it was essential for the federal government to maintain
a skilled migration programme to keep pace in the fast moving
industry, Lundy said that her party would prefer to promote and expand
the female workforce in the industry.

Presently only 20 per cent of the tech workforce is female.


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