Wednesday, September 08, 2004

55 Days To Go. . .

November 2nd Will Be - If Nothing Else - Historical.

The finalization of one-party-power-of-the-few, (Pax Americana Empire,)
                          - or -
The the classic two-party-let's-hash-it-out-publicly, (Constitutional Democracy.)

What bothers me, and a lot of other people, is which ever one the American voters choose, Empire or Democracy, they both will have, as president, a member of Yale's "Skull & Bones" not-so-secret-society.  They both will have, as president, a member of "the-few", the top 2% economic class.  They both will have, as president, a man who said "Even knowing what we know now, I would still have voted for the invasion of Iraq."  We will have, as president, a career professional politician that is bound by powerful corporate money and favor.

So. . .  How will America will be different under these two men?  (Read on and I'll explain.)

  1.  Insane Evangelical Fundamentalist Ideology
                    - or -
       Reaffirmation of the Separation of Church and State.

  2.  Defilement of the Separation of Powers
                    - or -
       Reaffirmation of the Separation of Powers.

  3.  Continued destruction of the Checks and Balances
                    - or -
       Reaffirmation of the Checks and Balances.

  4.  War for political gain and Empire
                    - or -
       Reaffirmation of War as a last resort.

  5.  Dissent is treason
                    - or -
       Reaffirmation that dissent is the Democratic tradition.

  6.  Continued destruction of the federal regulatory system
                    - or -
       Reaffirmation of the role of the federal regulatory agencies.

  7.  More corporate privatization of government
                    - or -
       Reaffirmation of a government of the people, by the people, and for the people,
       - not of, by, and for the corporations.

  8.  Science filtered through religious zealots and corporate opportunists
                    - or -
       Reaffirmation of scientific truth based on reality, not ideology or profits.

  9.  Biased corporate controlled voting machines
                    - or -
       Reaffirmation of the tradition of confirmable democratic elections.

10.  You're with us, or with the terrorists
                    - or -
       Reaffirmation that we are all in this together.

11.  Increasingly less jobs of worth
                    - or -
       Reaffirmation of more jobs of worth with realistic worker benefits,
       - even if it causes corporations to make less profits.

12.  Health care for only those that can afford it
                    - or -
       Reaffirmation of health care as a right to all citizens.

13.  Reduction of corporate profits is never good
                    - or -
       Reaffirmation that, many times, human needs are more valuable than corporate profits.

14.  Torture "okay and legal" in American prisons
                    - or -
       Reaffirmation that it is not.

15.  That it is "okay and legal" to indefinitely lock people into secret military prisons,
       - without charge or due process

                    - or -
       Reaffirmation that it is not.

16.  Viewing the Bill of Rights as being in the way of American security
                    - or -
       Reaffirmation that they are an important part of American security.

17.  Increasing consolidated corporate control of our media
                    - or -
       Reaffirmation that the media must be free to be honest to the public interests,
       - Not controlled by a few corporate interests.

There are other differences, but by now I assume you get the point.

55 days to go. . .


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