Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Must Reads for Sept. 15, 2004. . .

The Old Hip's Must Reads
by The Old Hippie - Just Early Morning Reads - For This Blog

A listing of current perspective articles of import and interest. . .  Enjoy. . .

A woman was fired for displaying a Kerry/Edwards sticker on her car.
Full Article Link Here

Red Alert
It was billed as America's frontline defense against terrorism.  But badly underfunded, crippled by special interests, and ignored by the White House, the Department of Homeland Security has been relegated to bureaucratic obscurity.
Full Article Link Here

Are We Better Off?
A special series on the state of the union.
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Words To Chill The Soul.
Document 199-I and the FBI's words. . .
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When the Rabbits Get a Gun.
This is the comforting fiction: Osama bin Laden is a monster who sprang whole from the fetid mire.  He had no childhood, no influences, no education, no experiences to form his view of the world. . .
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The End Of 'Network News'.
What happened this summer, and particularly last week, is likely to be recalled as the end of the era of network news.  At the very least, mark this as the moment when the networks abdicated their authority with the American public.
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Pravda on the Potomac.
On Monday, August 2, millions of Americans were witness to a federal crime:  the "outing" of a double agent in the "war" against terrorism.  Yet today, a month later, the incident is largely forgotten, and no one is held accountable.  The primary culprit?  The corporate media.
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Chain of Command: The Road From 9/11 To Abu Ghraib
An interview with Seymoure Hersh on Democracy Now!
Full Video Link Here

Who Profits?'s "The Waitress and the Lawyer" video ad. . .
Full Video Link Here

Halliburton Truth
Another video ad  (Realplayer Video)
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