Tuesday, September 14, 2004

7 Weeks To Go. . .

Just Seven Weeks Left Before The Election
by The Old Hippie - Just Early Morning Thoughts - For This Blog

What's Happening is not surprising, nor unexpected, with 46% of the registered electorate being Evangelical fundamentalists, with the successful opportunistic corrupt corporatist take-over of the American Democracy's three branches, its treasury, its regulatory agencies, its media, and the continued apathetic-denial of the purposely uninformed American masses.

Even in the face of mind-boggling revelations. . .

Revelations of corruption, at the cost of ten of thousands of innocent lives, at the cost of the American individual liberty and freedom protections from a police-state, through the Patriot Acts.
At the cost of the Separation of the Church and State protections.  At the cost of trillions of real dollars of debt - that by itself will cripple the Democracy - (many conservative economists say it already has.)  At the cost of over 3 million jobs.  At the cost of 35 million Americans now living in poverty.  At the cost of over 45 million Americans living without any health care protections.  At the cost of loyalty-oaths, free-speech zones, police that look like soldiers, soldiers that act as police in American cities.  At the cost of respect from all over the planet, not from just our "enemies."  At the cost of hope and sanity.

Madison, Paine, Jefferson, Adams, Hancock, Washington, Franklin, Roosevelt, Truman, among many others, were correct to be more than "concerned" about a theocratic and opportunistic take-over of our Constitutional Democracy, put into the control of the private interests of the few, because it has happened.

Even in the face of publicly exposed facts - Americans still deny that it has happened.  Some of us that are actually aware of the incredible history that is happening are still optimistic that the Democracy will survive this horror, but I am becoming less and less so as each day passes.  I sincerely hope that I am wrong - Because we have children and grandchildren.


At 9/14/2004 11:47 PM, Blogger Sonni AKA Deby said...

I was suprised - I know I shouldn't be - when I read today that there are so many people, including "men of the cloth" that feel it is appropriate to endorse candidates from the pulpit. Reading their logic behind it is scary, and then they say both Republicans and Democrats would be able to do it! Only thing - it would only be supporters of this administration that would actually think this would be a good idea in the first place. Using "God" to endorse anyone and believing that it is actually something that takes place is even scarier. Knowing people are listening to it and thinking it is okay - is beyond understanding.


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