Friday, October 08, 2004

14 Points of Fascism

Wake Up And Smell The Fascism
by Dr. Lawrence Britt - Identifies 14 characteristics common to all fascist regimes.

Fascism   The P.O.A.C. site has an excellent presentation of Dr. Britt's 14 Points of fascism- Showing how America - Today - Is living all 14 points as defined.  Using multiple direct links to simple facts at reliable websites.

The fact that close to one-half of our citizens fully support this moving trend toward a fascist America, rather than supporting the preservation of our Constitutional Democracy, especially this close to the presidential election, whether it be by denial, or co-dependence, or opportunistic benefit - Scares me much-much more than anything else that is happening in our world right now.

Do not miss this excellent presentation of American political reality today.

And - Please - Spread the word by any and every means you may have at your disposal.

Their presentation is excellent - I didn't reproduce it here.  Go to their site - Linked Here - Read it - Follow their links to the facts - Then do something like making sure your vote counts, or writing to your representatives, or talking to others, or . . .


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