Saturday, November 06, 2004

It Isn't The End. . .

Of The World Yet.
By Doyle Watson - November 6, 2004

This is my own personal view and thoughts, right or wrong!

I am unsure how I feel outside of being happy that the elections are over.  I, myself, can closely be described as an anarchist because I really do not like any Politicians or the Government for that matter, THEY ARE ALL CORRUPT AND POWER HUNGRY AS FAR AS I AM CONCERNED, now with that being said, The Democrats fielded a pretty cruddy opponent to run for President.

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This Blog, amongst many others, mainly showed why Bush should not be President, not why Kerry should be President.  Hate for Bush is a poor excuse to vote against him, if the Democratic Party was really truly serious about their Candidate they would have fielded someone much more qualified and with a lot less baggage to be used against him.

Mike, the creator of this Blog, is a good friend who has seen my views of the world advance and evolve over the few years we have known each other, my choice for President would have been Ralph Nadar, rather he had a chance or not, the Libertarian Party is outside the circle and is not the same old Parties and Candidates and deserved my vote.

The positions and stances by both parties were inappropriate in many ways, but the Republican Party stated that everyone should vote for Bush, (Rather or not their stances were truthful or not), and the Democratic Party took the stance that everyone should vote against Bush because of their hatred for him.  No where did I see a concerted effort to show any real positions that Kerry had, his voting record in Congress was pretty lame, and his numerous stances concerning the war numbered many, both past and present.

All I see is everyone can identify the problems but no one can present any real solutions.  The reality of the situation is that everyone can present a strong case concerning their likes and dislikes in the world and they can present supporting sources, a number of these sources ARE GOVERNED by their own agendas rather it be profits, their total like or dislike for something or someone, or even a like or dislike for a specific way of life.  Another fact, most everyone is and can be very passionate concerning their individual beliefs and ideas.  Criticizing others for their beliefs can lead to healthy debate, but out and out calling people names because they do not support or believe in the same things you do IS WRONG and usually leads to fights and arguments, everyone needs to realize that there are those out there that are smarter and more intelligent the we ourselves are, and these people make choices based on their individual beliefs and ideas given their immediate circumstances, the variables involved are numerous and we as individuals can not take them all into account so everyone needs to loose the I am smarter and more intelligent, holier then thou attitudes and start accepting what we can not change, voice your opinions but quit attacking others for their opinions, ideas and thoughts and trying to force them to accept your beliefs and ideas.

These Exit polls which were cited as being right, I maybe incorrect, but past presidencies have shown that a lot of people polled purposely provided the exit pollists with incorrrect information just to be funny, too mess with everyone and just generally cause a lot of hate and discontent.
Again this proves a point, citing these polls as being fact because other sources stated they were right or wrong in other locations is pretty naive, one, polls can be made and interpreted anyway the person administering it wants, and two, unless an individual actually administered the poll you really do not know the actual outcome one way or the other.  Polls in reality are inherently suspect since they can be swayed to support which ever way the person administering it wants it to go rather by the wording of the questions asked, the character of that person asking or by those who are actually polled.

Anyway the Office of the Presidency is not as important as Congress, I myself am pretty upset with the knowledge that right at this moment we really only have a one Party Government, the people really need to realize this and during the next election lets at least get one of the Houses of Congress under the other Parties control, The Congress is where the Laws are really made and the control is, it doesn’t matter if the President vetoes a Bill, Congress can overturn a veto.

Lets also keep in mind that the elections, any elections for that matter, do not denote the end of the world just the way we live in it.


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