Thursday, December 09, 2004

There Is One Reality. . .

It's That There Is One Republican Party, and Two Democratic Parties.
by The Old Hippie, Because The Constitutional Democracy Must Survive

Only one article in this posting.  I'll get to it in the "Below The Fold" section.

First, like so many others, I've discovered that three major political groups control almost all things political within our nation.  There are others that have some input, but reality is these three groups currently control everything.  They are. . .

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Group 1.  The Republican's Party:  They do control the Executive, The Congressional, The Judicial branches of the government itself, and most importantly they control 95% of the nation's media, therefore the mind set of the majority of the American citizens perceptions of themselves.  They have successfully eliminated almost all vestiges of opposition within their party.  They are the de facto party of the corporatists, openly, arrogantly, and proven to put "party" over "country," and blatantly support corporate greed over "we the people," to a degree that is hard for most Americans to grasp, or accept.

Groups 2. & 3.  The Democrat's Party:  There are actually two separate parties within the Democratic party now.  And this is the point of the following article, and this posting.  One is the The party of the DLC, now solidly aligned with the corporatists, or "Republican-Lite," and has since deserted any semblance of representing the middle/lower and labor economic classes (95% of the nation) of our country.  The other is the original Democratic party, the party that understands the need for commonsense regulation of corporations, understands the need for job security, equality of pay, equality of access, actually represents their constituents, rather than the corrupt corporate structure that has taken the country away from "we the people."

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The Democrats’ Da Vinci Code

by David J. Sirota, The American Prospect Online, Dec. 8, 2004

"The code’s seven lessons are clear, and have been for some time.  The question is, will party insiders see the obvious and finally follow their real leaders?  Or will they continue mimicking Republican corporatism, thereby hastening their own demise?"

Full Original American Prospect Magazine Article Link Here


At 12/12/2004 11:37 AM, Blogger Alan said...

One could argue there are two Rebpublican parties also. The old republican Party consisting of Teddy Roosevelt, Eisenhower, Goldwater conservatives and to some extent even Nixon, who are for balanced budgets, isolationism, environmental protection, trade barriers, curtaling government intrusion, etc. and the radicals. Beginning with the Goldwater defeat the repub. party was infiltrated with radicals who have a history of collaboration with the Third Reich and support of fascist organizations during the thirties. This movement got it's real momentum with the issuance of the Powell Manifesto in the early seventies and eventually took over the Republican Party with the massive financing of think tanks, lobbying, propaganda, and radical candidates. The old conservatives still exists but no longer have power in the party.


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